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Lahore Master Plan: ACE charges Parvez Elahi, Moonis with illicit Rs10bn gains


Sep 26, 2018
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Punjab’s former chief minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi and his son Moonis Elahi allegedly made substantial undue monetary gains in the Lahore Master Plan project, a senior official of the Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has said.

Addressing a press conference here Wednesday, ACE Director General Sohail Zafar Chattha alleged that the abuse of authority in the Lahore Master Plan project led to the misappropriation of Rs10 billion by Parvez Elahi and his son Moonis Elahi.

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Chattha said the former chief minister allegedly managed to approve the project in violation of the rules, adding that Kotli Rai Abu Bakar, a village in Kasur district, which stands at a distance of 50 kilometres from Lahore, was fraudulently added to the project.

The ACE official also cast doubts at the veracity of the documents related to the estate owned by Parvez Elahi in Kasur, insisting that these were all fake. A case was registered subsequently in this respect, he added.

According to Chattha, Muhammad Khan Bhatti, a close aide of the former CM, was unlawfully given a grade 22 role. He also charged Parvez Elahi with making illegal recruitments in the Punjab Assembly.
If they committed corruption, which everyone in Gujrat knows they did, charge them according to the law of the land. If the government has proof of their corruption , why not present that in the court of law. They don't have to kidnap Pervaiz Elahi if the establishment was after his corruption. Establishment does not care about corruption , they want him to leave khan or blame khan for May 9th drama.

Arresting Pervaiz Elahi and his son for corruption is easy but that's not what establishment is trying to do here.
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