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Karot Hydropower Project ..... 720 MW

The Deputy MD of the NTDC visited the Karot Hydropower Project and oversaw the preparations underway for connection to the national grid.

The Deputy Managing Director NTDC, Mr. Muhammad Ayub visited the Karot Hydropower Project on 14th January, 2022 to oversee the progress of the Karot Project, the status of the switchyard and the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of the Protection and Control system of the 500 kV switchyard installed at the Karot Hydropower Project

Later that day, Mr. Zuberi gave a detailed presentation on the progress of the project and the unique factors of the Karot Project. The transmission line arrangement for Karot Project was elaborated during the meeting. Regarding the testing and commissioning activities,Mr. Arsalan informed participants regarding the progress on different matters including the installation of equipment, the readiness of the First Generating Unit, installation of metering system and panels at the site.

The Deputy MD appreciated the progress of the project made so far and he appreciated the project teams to taking measures to complete the project on time. He said the project is really important as it is the first hydro IPP of such a large scale to be developed in Pakistan.
The Deputy MD further highlighted that since Karot Hydropower plant will be connected to 500 kV transmission network of Pakistan and he has discussed with the office of chief engineer (P&C) regarding the ongoing SAT of protection and control system. It was suggested and recommended by Mr. Ayub Deputy MD NTDC that the KPCL team shall carefully review the designs, comments and requirements of NTDC regarding the protection and control systems as it is extremely important and critical for the safe and reliable operation of the grid system of Pakistan.
Karot Power



The Project is in his final stage and soon first unit will be commissioned.




A historic Moment at Karot HPP

Karot teams along with NTDC and NPCC successfully commissioned and energised 500kV GIS with National Grid at 0434 hrs.
Indeed a great milestone and congratulations to all stakeholders and teams.

Credits: Engr. Arslan & Danish



Unit no.1 of Karot hydropower Project was connected to the grid for 168 hours of trial operation at 17:03 local time in Pakistan on the afternoon of April 30, 2022, and operated at full capacity at 17:14..


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