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Infrastructure Development in Pakistan

Why cant we make all of Karachi like this?
who will do that? the same people who have diverted k-iv and reduced its capacity? or the people who have been in power since 2008?

Swabi ( KPK Pakistan) Transforming into a major city under PTI's government.

they need to "re-develop" Swat, its a jungle of concrete right now.
There should be a separate thread which shows completed infrastructure projects, it's hard to keep up in this thread.

Or edit old messages with the images of the final project completed.
What do you expect from Indians, who have polluted every forum. They can never see Pak progressing.
Hm, idk, some are saying it's Karachi port, maybe they used misleading footage? YouTube isn't really the most reliable place for these things, a lot of randomly compiled videos with false titles exist

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