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Indian man caught sexually assaulting a Korean woman who was streaming live on Twitch from the subway got 3 months in jail


Jun 2, 2020
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A 46-year-old man has been jailed for three months after approaching a Twitch streamer on the street, harassing her, and sexually assaulting her.

The creator, known as May or her Twitch alias May5w, was on vacation in Hong Kong and was broadcasting live while walking down the street on September 11.

While heading back to her hotel through a subway, a man appeared, pushed May against a wall, and groped her, Dexerto reported. May told him to stop and begged him to leave, but the assault continued.

Another stranger then fought the man off, according to Dexerto. All the while, May's followers were watching. They later expressed gratitude that the stranger intervened.

Streamer may5w being harassed on the street during a live broadcast

A screenshot of May5w's livestream.may5w/Twitch
The perpetrator, known only as Amit, was arrested three days later, according to the South China Morning Post. He was released on bail, under the conditions he did not return to the scene of the crime, and did not leave the city.

On November 9, Amit was sentenced to three months in jail, after pleading guilty to indecent assault, SCMP reported.

Per the outlet, the court heard that Amit touched May on her abdomen and made comments about sexual acts. He also whispered words to her, the prosecution said, before fleeing.

Amit's defense attorney, Joe Chan Wai-yin, said his client had a drinking habit due to depression at being separated from his family in India, SCMP reported, and had "lost control of himself."

"The separation from his family caused a lot of frustration for him and the whole family," he said, adding that Amit was trying to reform and get sober.

The magistrate, Ivy Chui Yee-mei, called Amit's actions "despicable and offensive," SCMP reported, and said she found the "degree of indecency" to be "considerable and escalating."

"What the defendant did to the victim was despicable and offensive, and we can see from the video that the victim was extremely frightened," she said.

"The incident was actually captured by the live-streaming video, which would inevitably destroy the reputation of Hong Kong."

She added that intoxication was "no excuse."

May posted a video about the incident on her YouTube channel in October. She added subtitles in English herself.

She introduced herself as the woman who had been assaulted in Hong Kong, and said she tended to travel to different countries every two months.

She explained she had encountered Amit while waiting for the tram to take her back to her hotel. Amit then started following her and asking they take a taxi together, she said.

As soon as Amit touched her, she tried to push him off, May explained.

"This was the first time I had experienced such a situation and I was too shocked to even think about shouting," she said. "I used my bag and selfie stick to protect my chest."

This was when someone noticed she was in trouble and came to her aid, she said.

May explained she had also faced accusations she had set the whole scenario up "to become famous" or to "promote racial discrimination."

"Some news outlets and social media have edited only parts of the video and exaggerated the information," she said, adding she had also faced criticism over why she "didn't shout."

"Some comments even accused me of being the cause of the incident," she said. "I also received sexually harassing comments."

The backlash was hurtful, she said.

"This experience makes me realize the importance of being cautious when helping others or showing kindness," she said. "And it saddens me deeply. I had never thought that I would become a victim of such an incident."

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