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India train crash: Death Toll Raised To 309 After Odisha incident


Oct 17, 2018
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India train crash: More than 230 dead after Odisha incident

16 minutes ago

Footage showed rescuers trying to free victims from the wreckage

At least 233 people are now known to have been killed and 900 injured in a multiple train collision in India's eastern Odisha state, officials say.

More than 200 ambulances were sent to the scene in Balasore district, says Odisha's chief secretary Pradeep Jena.
One passenger train is thought to have derailed before being struck by another on the adjacent track late on Friday.
It is India's worst train crash this century. Officials say the death toll is expected to rise further.

Indian Railways said the two services involved were the Coromandel Express and the Howrah Superfast Express.
Sudhanshu Sarangi, the director general of the fire department in Odisha, said that 207 bodies had been recovered so far.
Mr Jena said earlier that more than 100 additional doctors had been mobilised.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was distressed by the incident and his thoughts were with the bereaved families.
"Rescue ops are under way at the site of the mishap and all possible assistance is being given to those affected," he tweeted.
Meanwhile, Home Minister Amit Shah labelled the incident "deeply agonising".

One male survivor said that "10 to 15 people fell on me when the accident happened and everything went haywire. I was at the bottom of the pile.

"I got hurt in my hand and also the back of my neck. When I came out of the train bogie, I saw someone had lost their hand, someone had lost their leg, while someone's face was distorted," the survivor told India's ANI news agency.
It is believed that several carriages from the Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express derailed at about 19:00 local time (13:30 GMT), with some of them ending up on the opposite track.

Another train - the Howrah Superfast Express travelling from Yesvantpur to Howrah - is then thought to have hit the overturned carriages.

Indian officials said that a goods train - which was stationary at the site - was also involved in the incident. They provided no further details.

Some surviving passengers were seen rushing in to help rescue those trapped in the wreckage. Local bus companies were also helping to transport wounded passengers.

India has one of the largest train networks in the world and accidents are common, despite successive governments investing hundreds of millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure, says BBC South Asia regional editor Anbarasan Ethirajan.

India's worst train disaster was in 1981, when an overcrowded passenger train was blown off the tracks and into a river during a cyclone in Bihar state, killing at least 800 people.


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Allah Rahem keray.. Why is it that in 3rd world countries, fatalities are high a similar mishaps in advanced countries you do not hear that many deaths? Be it Train accidents or natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods etc...
That is because those damned people who rule our unfortunate country have spent their time on vanity projects intended to flatter the Prime Minister and to give him photo opportunities, rather than concentrating on mundane things like passenger safety and cleanliness on trains.

How I hate them.

Watch how they react, like polished circus animals, avoiding any breath of blame, shrugging off responsibility, thinking devious thoughts of how to turn things to their electoral advantage - the only things they can do, being completely incompetent in any and every sphere of public administration.

Allah Rahem keray.. Why is it that in 3rd world countries, fatalities are high a similar mishaps in advanced countries you do not hear that many deaths? Be it Train accidents or natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods etc...
I do not believe in God.

If there had been a God, these rulers of ours would have their flesh torn off with red-hot pincers and burnt before their eyes, before being torn apart by four horses.
Let’s see what the investigations reveal. These type of incidents are lower than before but the intensity of this one is high. Rip
PS I do like the railway minister. I wil like him more if he resigns on moral grounds.
I remember when such accidents happen in Pakistan majority of bakhtoras start cheering and trolling Pakistan (I fully remember reaction on PIA accident a couple of years ago) but honestly I myself found my heart in grief and distress after listening this news.
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