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Greetings from Greece

Leonidas was a king of Sparta and because of that he followed the tradition of Sparta. To understand what Sparta was like,, see that Sparta had no walls. The city was not protected. Walls were not needed, because nobody woud dare to attack Sparta.

There was always lots of conflict between the greek city states but when Persia attacked, the city states worked together. Leonidas and his troops pretty much functioned like a roadblock against Xerxes. The persians were very bad strategists and got basicly blocked inside the chasm. There are many famous quotes for Leonidas. When Xerxes meet him, he offered leonidas peace if he lays down his weapons but Leonidas only aswered: Come and get them.

In the end Leonidas and his troops gave the other greek cities enough time to prepare evacuations and counterstrikes. Themistocles of Athens prepared a massive fleet which later on destroyed the entire persian fleet at Salamis. When Xerxes land forces arrived in Athens, the city was empty and evacuated. All women, childen evacuated to other cities.

The battle at Plataea sealed the persians fate.

So if you ever visit Sparta, pay Leonidas I a visit. ^^
Looks like Leonidas is a hero of whole Greece.
Impressed by your historical knowledge.
I had a freind from Greece when I was in st Petersburg Russia. His name was mikeal ,he later joined the Greek army as a gunner.
Hello, my name is Nikos. I'm 19 years old and come from Argos. A city on Peloponnesos in Greece. My hobbys are sport, athletics, history, art and reenacting.

Welcome my friend. We already have another dedicated Greek poster you've already met on here.
Hello Nikos, nice to have a Greek here. I have always been fascinated by Greek history and it's impact on what is Pakistan today. One young man from your people made a uninvited visit to our lands over 2,000 years ago causing lot of havoc but I think we are past that today. Last year I holidayed on the lovely Crete island.

Here is a little reminder of Greece's contact with our lands. Alexander the Great Monument near site of Battle of Hydaspes.

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Interesting finding ... lot to explore in Pakistan ..

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