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Feb 11, 2015
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Hello Everyone,

I would like to know few details about career in Spl (CS&SE) in Navy 2015A.

what's the difference b/w Acting sub Lieutenant & sub Lieutenant?

what's the starting pay(approx) of Acting sub Lieutenant?

Promotion period to next Rank(career ladder)?

I am computer engineer(spl in embedded systems) will you recommend it to me? because i m mostly work with latest technology and doing job in multinational company (salary 80K). Only wants to contribute my skills to pak directly.

I really appreciate your suggestions.
ok, I got it, they are recruiting first batch for Spl br. (CS&SE), but still i have a question why there is a difference in army and navy rank after training e.g. for same course (AFAIK) captain in army. If i am not wrong army CAPTAIN equals to navy LIEUTENANT (Lt).
"Short Service Commission is basically for five years which may be extended and converted into permanent commission."

So, it's quite clear to me it's not a long term solution after 5 year it's again starting point.
Hello Everyone!
I am a navy aspirant. I am planning to appear in the SSC recruitment test (SPECIAL BRANCH - IT SPECIALIST) in the current month. I have two queries:
  1. My left testicle is slight bigger than right.
  2. I am underweight as per BMI
I need a quick response on this. Thanks in advance
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