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Billion Tree Tsunami becomes a reality


Sep 20, 2008
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Pakistan is hosting World Environment Day — what better way to celebrate the protection of the environment than to plant a tree — and not just any tree, the billionth tree :bounce:.

It may seem like a mere number — but this was a commitment of the present administration before taking office, and I for one and so pleased to see Pakistan's greenbelts and natural habitats grow, not contract.


Addressing delegates and world leaders at the conference in Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan said "
"It gives me great pleasure today to plant our billionth tree. This is part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.".

You can watch the recorded launch here:
its 2 billions now, one billion in KPK and now 1 billion more.

BTW how much survived in KPK from the one billion planted in 2013-2018.
this program will prove to be the lifeline of pakistan's environment. recently went to northern areas and the situation was pathetic: trees have been cleared out for resorts, guest houses etc. no open spaces left for tourists to just sit about, or camp. every available space is being eaten by concrete. murree has already been destroyed. this unbridled "development" needs to be checked.
One can see the effects of tree plantanions even in and around a city like Rawalpindi.
This was in Lahore after urban jungle campaign, Here is the full thread.

Update on one of the Miyawaki Forrest planted in Lahore.

Turn on the volume for full effect.

One can see the effects of tree plantanions even in and around a city like Rawalpindi.
there is an urgent need for this in cities like rawalpindi, peshawar and karachi.

karachi has enough open spaces to turn into a forest: bin qasim park, bagh e jinnah, Quaid e Azam mausoleum park, the entire paharr gank/kati paharri area etc. all the so-called parks in karachi just have grass and a bit of shrubbery on the sides. its the trees that are needed.
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