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  • Please stick to the topic and do not drag in other issues (such as the Kasab one in the dir blast thread). This is considered trolling, and while we try and restrain our Indian members from dragging in Balochistan on every discussion on Kashmir, we don't need Pakistani members acting in the same trollish way.
    I must say one thing about your movie theme thread,It may be a co-incident,but last couple of days I have been collecting various movie theme and movie soundtracks.Definitely a co incidence.
    I understand your dilemma, but i have yet to see any credible material being posted by an Indian member except a shot of General Niazi signing the ceasefire documents. May i ask how well do you know MuradK (Think Tank). REGARDS.
    I know you have a lot of material, but buddy it again starts into a Pak Vs India war, you will post things, they will post things, idiotic comments will come in, headache for us to moderate, already so much rubbish to clean up. Hope you understand.
    Yaar, please check out the forum for similar threads before reposting them.

    Always click on the New Posts button, spend about one hour before making new threads.
    All threads are important for the forum and we want all of them to receive equal attention by our members.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    From now on, don't create a thread title with capital letters. Consider this a warning.

    Dil Tarasha, i am sure you once said something about working with displaced from Swat or making adocumentry or something.
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