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  • please do something if you can bhaijaan

    this mod WAJsal and his sidekick/lover maarkhoor have been creating on after aniother problems for me i cant reply on any thread or any post nor can i see live posts Wajsal has given me 65+ warning for n offence of me im bieng victimised .... merre khilaaf saazish ho rahee hai janaab ... sachee chahe to mere id ko chekc ker lo aap
    looks like someone has put some kind of lock on my profile i can see and give thanks only but cant reply to any thread or any member neither can i watch live posts ... its very frustrating please do something about it thanks
    Sir can you please tell me why i am unable to post or reply ???? When i try to post it says "your search could not be completed"
    I cannot go in Indian Defence Forum. It keeps giving ERROR on my screen. Something like ERROR...Off topic derailment.

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