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  • A company has short listed me for position of Associate content in operation department? What role I will be supposed to play? Give me some idea...
    Hi, I see your post in C919, the lack of composite does not mean the plane will be non competitive. You need to look at the technology to build this plane, I give you a hint (3D print). China has the best 3D printing technology for aviation. 3D printing can significantly reduce alloy weight easily by 30 to 40% due to the lack of welding which increase strength and cut down weight.
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    Never thought about that!

    Well let us see how much this can make up for lack of composites and the less efficient Chinese turbofans on the C919.
    I'm responding to one of your comments that you posted up regarding Pak BD relations.It is unfortunate both nations (Pak & BD) have drifted apart. Certainly do not regret BD becoming an independent nation, refering to recent current tensions. People to people and business contacts are at a low. Both nations have huge populations and business trade and tourism would only benifit people from both nations.
    "I agreeTe current J-20 engine is TOTALLY Chinese.
    This theory of a Chinese-built AL-31FN is simply ridiculous and laughable."

    Thankyou for posting this obvious truth, Bro!

    This ridiculous and laughable theory has no basis whatsoever, right start to finish. No one has posted one thread of evidence, here at PDF or elsewhere
    hey regarding diversity, i invite your sister to this year christmas festivals in Lucca. Send her here so she can learn Tuscany customs and traditions. I´m sure she will enjoy it. If you are scared to send your sister alone you can send her with her mother.
    Idk why you keep posting in this topic? I mean serious you know how little i think about you. Are you into some sado maso stuff?
    You dont know business. You believe that when an airline orders an airplane that it orders the airplane with engines. You believe that airbus is in any way side contractor in any engine deal. With is laughable at best. You dont me too. You entertain me on my ride back home. Whats more funny than playing with a 3rd worlder? :D
    Guess whos banned? Lolz
    Guess who cares?
    Yeah, obviously, the SU-33 (AKA J-15) is superior to the MIG-29K. But just try to stay on the topic ^^
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