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  • sorry for the late reply.... i respect vietnamese soldiers coz of theirt valour nothing else...as much as i would respect any honourable or brave indian soldier frm india who might have died serving his country fighting mine... i respect chinese people for the support and brotherhood... im no bigot or a blind patriot... i respect turks frm turkey bcoz of our cultural,ethnic,religious and historic background ..

    Not a 2 faced hypocrite.

    God bless you my dear frnd.
    dont post racial hate matter or i would have no choice but to ban you

    there are better , more subtle ways to get your point across

    I AM SO SCARED!!!!
    Buddy, you need to relax. This is not the place to be serious. Treat it as a playground. Don't let how others think or what they say irritate you, turn it around and irritate them instead. A few tips for you is, never post derogatory terms, make personal attacks, post sexual or gory video/imageries and report every distasteful posts.
    Have a good time coward, make sure in the real life showing us who you are so we can enjoy each others!!!!

    I love your indian here in the u.s. where I met your people everyday at work and at gas stations!!!! Don't know where I can find out you in india but I will try to ask my Paksitani friends!!!

    Don't worry me and our islamic brothers love your indian so much!!!!
    So coward indian now become know how to scared??? after trying many ways to cover up your chicken guts such as threatening or blaming on me now you are yourself angain!?

    being the last one replying doesn't make you win the debate, coward!!!

    sometime being a coward need some brain-work either, not what the retarders could understand!!!!
    This is called brainlessness. Why, do you know what is respect. Did i ever used any bad word about your country or country men watch your tongue.

    hahah, you teaching me brainless , what a shame coward, it is like a prostitutes trying to lecture others about the value of virgin!!!

    your stinky india is a full loaded of garbage propaganda by the west and also your little viets brother are now eating the same things just like you , all your losers could do is following what the the west has been telling you and commanding you to do to provoke the Chinese, in fact your little coward countries are nothing copare to China but a pawn for the west interests in the region...but that is not what your little brain indian and vietanmese could understand, you are selling your own security for serving your master usa, sockpuppet!!!

    keep challenge the China until one day you got the result!!!!
    Are got to hell yaar. Do what you want don't eat my brain. I already said Do what you want.

    I will dude, I WILL, let me know where you are in the real life!!!

    I am not the only tough talk as you do her on PDF!!!
    hahaha speechless retard having nothing new to say but a bunch of garbage!!!!

    so pitiful!!! looser!!!! wait until the mods come get you!!! or just personally go back to your shinning IDF!!! there you can enjoy your flattering or masturbating about yourself without anybody cares!!!!
    too late coward, now you know how to being scared??? hahaha all of your guilty here all been reported to the mods!!!

    Don't try to act like you are so pity and innocent, I know you are trying hard to defend for your lame aggression on me here, remember nobody forces you to act like that but YOURSELF!!!

    My message for you is TOO LATE....just wait until the mods come to get you into the hospital!!!!

    Don't cry like a coward chicken!!! You deserve the result!!!!

    Keep threaten me boy, I mean tough-talk indian!!!! Your little viets will applause to you!!!!
    You said you will do some thing coward do that /qtuoe]

    haha who tried to threatened me here and being driven out like a chicken after I warned "dare you brign it on" to me!!!!

    hahaha, big mouth indian cowards is nit myth but a TRUTH!!!!!
    I am so SCARED of your indian and vietnamese threatening me here!!!!

    You are so RIGHTTTTTT!!!!
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