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  • regarding the IAF 400 plane thread ....I think it has been locked as I 'm not able to post there.....but

    what kind of constraints?.....not allowed to get airborne bofore USAF?...can you please elaborate on this point, I ll appriciate.

    I would encourage you to go through this link ,I found it quite informative....

    A final word, from India, on 'YouTube Terry' - The DEW Line

    Mr. Hasnain, I pray & hope the young generation of fighter pilots do better than me. After 40 years of miss naming i was merely trying to clear the confusion. We were 3 shams pilots in the same squadron at the same time. People out to visit the PAF museum in karachi to get better acquainted as to who is who. Thanks ( you r wrong sir if u think i was rude) i was just clearing up the facts, even after 40 years we dont know who is who.
    Although I'm aware of previous military exchanges between China and Israel the fact that they are working on a joint missile program is news to me.
    never heard of it brother, and i am very bad in defense related matters. i learn everything from here. u send it to experts , maybe cablti of turkey may know it.
    hEY....You are talking about video of F15 V Sukoi on PAF seeks buyer for JF17....

    Can you give me the link of that video....Would appreciate it.
    I'll try to do it in chunks. I don't know how reliable this news is though:

    Shocking news! The PLAAF will induct a stealth version of the JF-17 fighter called the YFC-1E!

    Yesterday, an authority working at China's number one aviations corporation, the CAC, revealed that the CAC has different standards for the exported and domestic versions of the JF-17 based on the international demand for the JF-17.

    They have developed, based on the original JF-17, a new, indigenious stealth YFC-1E multirole, single engined, twin tailed "Fierce Dragon" fighter.

    The YFC-1E "Fierce Dragon" indigenous stealth light multirole fighter is developed based on international and domestic demands. It will adapt to 21st century air combat and completely satisfy PLAAF's demand for a high/lo combination of 4th(5th) generation fighters.

    Stats on the YFC-1E "Fierce Dragon" Fighter:

    Wingspan: 9.18 meters

    Length 15.16 meters

    height 4.65 meters

    wheel track 2.71 meters

    frontal wheel track 5.12 meters

    Empty weight 10000 kilograms

    Maximum take off weight 13800 kilograms

    weapons load 3800 kilograms

    fuel capacity 2500 liters

    Max speed Mach 1.72

    Operating ceiling 17500 meters

    Take off distance 435 meters

    Landing distance 680 meters

    range 2500 kilometers

    Maximum G-limitations 8 gs
    Very old news and site not updated for a while, we never ordered grifo S7 because klj-7 is superior in every way.
    torrent link for the dogfight season 1 and 2 and few more.

    Hope it helps in case its hard to find the DvDs


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