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  • You are correct. However, it is not easy to moderate because of the large numbers, so what we could continue to do is report through the report button. If you have any user IDs you want me to investigate personally (for violating the rules) you can give it to me.
    Geez, I get it ok, you're a badass. You were wrong to ask anyone to leave this forum, we kick them out ourselves without talking about it in the open forums when someone crosses the line. I don't placate anyone, Indians and Pakistanis get booted off when they are in the wrong.

    We allow freedom of speech and criticism with civility of any topic relevant to this forum is completely legit here, Indian/Pakistani/Martian it just doesn't matter.
    Still deleting my post is not going to slightly dent my nationalistic views. Indians have a lot more abusive freedom on this forum as compared to any Indian forums giving Pakistanis the same privliges.
    No need to merge - I posted your article in the ISI thread. Good find. How interesting that the exact thing the article claims occurred with the publishing of the LSE report.
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