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  • Honestly I dont know much about the stones. But according to Indian stroloy, Rahu is one of the planets, and according to my birth chart, im undergoing a period of time where Rahu is angry on me. # yrs beforee i went through this same time, i got a police case then. I did some rituals to minimise the negative effetcs of Rahu though. I read somewhere that hassonite is the stone for Rahu, and also it brings fame and beutiful gals in life, so i was just asking ISRO about this.
    The Peninsula shield force is for the GCC countries only and I highly doubt that they have any plans to expand it to include the whole Arab world. Oh and the US bases I believe were also stationed there because the Gulf countries were afraid of Saddam after the invasion of Kuwait.
    Also, I think Peninsula shield force and NATO are different. Peninsula shield force is basically some thousands of troops put under the command of a general and are to interfere when needed, but it doesn't state that an attack on one is an attack on all and the GCC countries won't interfere with their whole military forces, whereas the NATO is a military bloc and if one of the countries is attacked, the other countries will come to its aid ASAP with all their military force, the NATO isn't just a group of forces under the command of a general like the Peninsula shield force.
    Are you sure about the fact that they want a unified Arab military? Because I don't think these Gulf countries care about Arab interests, if they did they wouldn't have American military bases on their land.
    You're correct about that point, with all due respect to the GCC countries of course, but their military equipment is top notch while their soldiers aren't that good, most probably because of not-enough training. I hope Egypt can gain back the leadership in Arab world.
    About the Egyptian-Saudi war you mentioned, if you mean the North Yemen civil war, then yes I remember it.
    But that doesn't mean that I view Iran as an angel, Iran still backs the criminal Al Assad and Sunni minorities in Iran are facing discrimination ( they are not allowed to build their own mosques ). All in all, for the time being with current geopolitics in the region I disagree with those who view Iran as a bigger threat than Israel. Something worth mentioning is that Arab relations with Iran weren't sore prior to the Iranian revolution which makes me believe that Iran is not to be viewed as a bigger enemy than Israel. About Israeli strikes on Iran using GCC countries air space, I completely disagree with that but I don't think they can do much to prevent anything. US has bases in almost all GCC countries, with the biggest one in Qatar which has a huge amount of aircrafts that can be alternatively used to strike Iran.
    I will divide my opinion about Arabs and Iran question into two messages as one message isn't enough :D ( character limit )
    About the fact that Iran is a bigger threat than Israel, well, I think it's about the location of the country. Those who are in the Gulf region see Iran as a bigger threat getting a nuke because they have a conflict with Iran dating back since the the Iranian revolution. But countries which are close to Israel see Israel as a much bigger threat, which are Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and possibly Jordan. My opinion is that Israel is a much bigger threat to us, because simply, Israel is the one who invaded us and has a history of bad blood with us and commits war crimes against the Palestinians.
    I know it really isn't easy as it might sound, but we have to work and try to achieve it no matter how hard it might be. A strong leader going to be a dictator is not necessarily, yes a strong leader has a higher possibility of becoming a dictator, becoming a dictator can be reduced if he's not given all powers in the country, but his powers must be reduced and some powers must be given to parliament and the prime minister. Also, a parliament containing members of all tribes, preferably equal or near numbers, can be a good step forward.
    Regarding Saddam, no, I didn't really support his rule, he was a dictator and his oppression and crimes are known. Invasion of Iraq, heck no I would never support such a thing. Saddam was a dictator yes, but it's not like that the US will actually bring freedom to the oppressed people, the US brings more misery into everywhere they put their foot in.
    I would have agreed that Saddam be killed but only if he was tried by a true patriot Iraqi court and not under US control, also I didn't agree with the fact that they killed him during the Muslim feast as if they were killing some cow or sheep for food ( which we as Muslims do during the feast, I don't know if Muslims do the same in the west and the US )
    The fighting in Libya can be fixed by a truce or something, it's pretty common for tribes to fight in any country, a national reconciliation ( or whatever it's called in English ) can pretty much fixes all the problems if a true capable leader is elected into Libyan office.
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