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    hey i am mohit from delhi and good to see u in action too.. :) these paid chinese 50 cent members are loosers... i also hope all indians come out blazing... cheerssssss
    Mods, is there any way we can appeal against any biased decisions taken by the so called governors here in this forum? Just because of concerns raised by some dog eaters how can you ban me without letting me know which particular comment was racial? This is a forum and hope we have a freedom to express our thoughts...
    sir you are half way through. wait for a little more and ull be there.
    82 more posts to go and then you are a full member :)
    Taimikhan has already answered your question. You need to be promoted to a full member before you can open new threads.
    About 150 posts and see the user rules, you will see at what post count you get the promotion to next rank.
    After you become a full member and based on your quality of posts, you will be given the rights to open threads.
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