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  • glad to see you're back, and more witty this time. great pleasure and an honor to read your posts. regards
    i have opened new thread


    would love if you visit the thread

    Shot you an email about the new forum. Should be like the old days of serious and amicable discussions.
    Hello Sir,

    Need you help to check something,i believe you"ve read the CIA declassified reports on 1962 war.


    At the end of page -1 there is paragraph on China's assurances to India on Tibet.which is based on an Indian UN diplomat.

    Here is that para : http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/6886/37351066.jpg

    If you have additional sources/knowledge to prove that indeed India blocked the consideration of a UN censure and China indeed said here occupation would be peaceful

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm currently at 132. What do you mean by a mailing list? Do you want me to get the e-mail ID's of everyone on my fiends list?

    OK, but let me know if he is transgressing; I don't follow all threads.

    Besides admiring my knowledge, which is not a compliment that I will treat with familiarity, do you enjoy the posts? Any feedback? Are they too long? Why is it that people stop posting once I enter a thread?

    Tell me, no!
    yeah true..By the way i am impressed by the knowledge you have regarding history and many issue's and most important your typing skills i have been reading your posts and always admire your knowledge.

    Keep an eye on him only you can counter him...:P

    And yeah thanks for accepting my friend request.. :-)
    Actually, I am a committee of seven persons - a history professor, an anthropologist, a business major with a career in managing software companies, a housewife with a huge desire to write who hasn't managed to get back to her journalism because of home burdens, a teenager with a walking impediment who is forced to stay on line for lack of other outlets, a retired civil servant and a tour guide. We make up these posts together (note the slight gaps from time to time, as one or the other member of the team is busy, and posts can't be replied), on line, because some of us live in Kolkata, some of us up country in Assam, and we rarely get to meet.

    We all hate religious bigots, racists and imperialists, and communists. We love food, travel, good company, music, books and fine wine. We are none of us rich, some are poorer than others.

    We manage to have a great time. We are pleased, very pleased that you are having a good time. Mogambo khush huwa!
    Dear Joe,
    What are you, seriously? I mean you have such vast knowledge on such a diverse spectrum of subjects, I am really amazed! At times I disagree with you, but thats because either of a lack of indepth knowledge or maybe my pov is different, but your knowledge is really something. I just read your posts on that 10 greatest battles in history and then the mythical weapons thread.
    I kind of envy your knowledge and grasp of various subjects. But really, its an honor and pleasure to read your posts. I thought you should know.

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