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  • Hi buddy,
    You wrote article on Raad very well.
    But you have to consider the option of "smart raad" aka Raad blk2 also. Because tests via Mirage were less about Missile true form and more about technology demonstrator.
    There are rumors that Raad in very recent tests was fired through Jf17 and we do not have any latest pic to notice modification in missile.
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    Since you have dug it very well, you should do slight addition in article too.
    Like mentioning dimension of Raad which make it fit under the central hard point or under the wings. It will be very help ful
    A lot is discussed about instability of Jf17 carrying two RAAD under wings and firing one of them and flying with remaining one.
    Considering the limited FBW system of Jf17, how realistic is that claim ?
    If you put some light on it, it will be impressive addition
    I did discuss some design modifications which allow the JF-17 to physically carry the Ra'ad.

    About the instability issue, yes thats an interesting point I had not thought about. Perhaps I will address it in a future article.
    Hi JamD,
    It is nice to see that you're also a control engineer. Btw, are you also on facebook?If so,then do let me know!
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