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  • Wish you and all around you a very Happy Eid.
    May this day bring all happiness and joys in your life.

    Really nice to see you active again, doing very well giving them point-to-point reply
    :) yeh trying to. Thanks dear. Any new development viz a viz PPP. seems the ainak wala gin is ruining its base
    Musharraf mere chachay da puttar hai? :D I have something to dislike about everyone, btw... And woh jail nahi jaata...
    Well U-571 it simple means what it says, a governance system in accordance to Islam, like Islamic democracy the example before you is our Parliament where we place qazi to first preside before starting the parliamentary business.
    sir can u briefly and comprehensively explain to me wht is islamic socialism??, its another thing many socialist values can be regarded as islamic but they cant coincide, i dont know!!!
    Thanks. Even though the forums and everything is good. The site (not forums) look very crappy with no updated info. So i will concentrate more on that. Let see how it goes. Been busy on the new cricket site lately..
    My degree is an engineering one in the guise of a science degree which will change hopefully when I graduate.

    The two paths open to me are either consultancy or actually engineering large installations like say a 6MW wind farm. I'd quite like to do the latter.
    I agree Interceptor my degree is BSc Renewable Energy and I hope that it takes me to Pakistan where I can put it to good use.
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