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  • Hi, can you find out and tell me when the selection will start for PAF GDP in first half of 2011?
    Much appreciated!
    AOA, you have given only two AS subjects, are you sure you are eligible to apply for PAF GDP in August?

    When are you giving your A2?
    ya mate im wahaj. n i have seen ur album too,ur latest sketches of saber are just awesome,ur improving day by day but y do u copy hussani's art,u should imagine ur own story or draw a real sorty or mission.or if u wana copy a painting,then try to draw it in diff angle.like i did in F16 launching missile towards su22 over kurram velly.this mission is drawn three times before me by three artists Hussaini,Adnan and Rehan.i hope u got my point.
    well gud to have u here,
    keep in touch.
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