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  • SSA, not seen you here much. How you been bro? My wish to visit Golden Temple will come true this year, I've a friend who is going to take me :)
    lol dunno, the usual i guess lol Close your eyes if you dont want to see the truth :P
    Sat Sri Akal!

    Praaji I wasn't posting much as I was completely confused on whats happening here. People don't want to be questioned where they are inconsistent, and when you do, you get banned. Hey i was banned too, but someone got me unbanned, was it you?
    i talked to desiman today. he was also banned by same mod. but i think would come back by first week of jan. and i don't think u r missing anyone else.
    Same here I needed break too.
    India trips? not yet, but thinking of doing this year.
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