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  • Hey FOX! Assuming you would know about this. Can you help in knowing how can someone with biological sciences background can get internships in PAEC, KRL and DESTO? Also what is the procedure to apply for jobs for such vacancies? Where to look?
    Jazak Allah.
    What is the thinng between you and him?
    Don't even remember him that much , he is just a attention seeking kid, who created hype around him for alleged running away of APS student.... Can't waste my time on likes of him
    He is overload/maarkhoor
    Why did you gave me negative rating did I made fun of dead people or anything else its my frist thats why iam asking
    Hi! I want to join Pakistan Army as a officer. I'm just conscious about medical test. Actually, I have a flexible flat feet. I can run, jog and do any physical exercise easily. I can also fake a arched feet and can walk for a whole day with it. So will I be declared fit for Army?
    F.o.x I guess that you should be transferred to professionals?We are refreshing the think tank list.

    I am a Pakistani and I stand with Israel | Facebook

    The admin is actually a non pakistani pretending to be a pakistani christian. The Islamic University students who opened an israeli stall were members of this was well. Kindly tell the authorities responsible for cyber monitoring. In the cover of fighting terrorism such forces must not be allowed to gain on innocent masses.

    Yours Sincerely.

    Umair Nawaz.
    Wa Alaikum Assalam.

    It's alright, the issue is now solved, thank you for your concern.
    Thread: the plan to kill Hindustan close this thread mate is a hell full of Sh*t
    Assalam u Alaikum pra ji.

    Love your signature.. however, you are mistaken somewhere.. You forgot to add 'Our rising is the fear of our enemies and hence they are trying to break Pakistan by any means.. and failing to do so'
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