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  • Just googled something realted and saw your 2 years old thread where you asked how to earn money, Let me know if you still are looking for same?
    I am looking for an article writer, also have another little job available. let me know what you think.
    Can you throw light on Iranian and Afghan food? How do they fare in comparison with Pakistani and Indian food? See rate them like this: 1. better than Pakistani or 2. better than Indian but not as good as Pakistani or 3. not as good as Indian 4. or any other rating.
    I have seen armed froces from inside. Infact I have seen all three sections from inside. My father was in airforce, an uncle in navy and around 4-5 cousins in army ranging from brigadier to major. So don't tell me I don't know lifestyle of armed forces.

    Hardly 2-3% of army officers come from good families and around 15-20% from middle class. Rest are from poor. No good family sends its son to army or for that matter to armed forces because of pay concerns.

    Througout the career hardly 10% go to UN missions.

    There is corruption and one needs to recognize it and address it. After all its my money they are wasting or putting in their pockets.
    "Ever wondered while standing on a road leading to GHQ either from Saddar or Morgah Mor how a Captain with a salary of 20000-30000 affords a car worth 1.2-2.0 million. I earn more than that but can not afford beyond Suzuki."

    Ever wondered that all the officers coming to the army are not from poor families ?? Most of them are from good income middle class families and even richer also. Come to Peshawar, i will show you Colonels / Brigadiers going in Alto's that also of older models and other older cars of different make. Do you know how much the army doctors earn ??

    Do you know how many officers go out on UN missions and how much they earn, one UN mission is more then enough for making an officer earn enough money to have him settled.

    And you people have not seen armed forces from inside, so you have no idea what goes on in the military. Out of the thousands of officers, hardly a few dozen are at places where corruption can happen, mostly in the Supply & Ordnance sections where things are being bought from outside contractors for the army, plus at weapons procurement deptt, other then that there is no corruption in whole army as normal army units do not get into civilian business, nor any sort of procurements. Each unit has an intelligence outfit and if anything wrong is seen, they report it and appropriate action is taken. My own dad was in Wapda at one time, and in his 3 years at the post, 5 officers were court martialed and 2 of them thrown out of the army, while the rest 3 had their carriers destroyed.

    And as for Salary, a Lt has a salary of 25,000+, a major with good numbr of years has 60,000-80,000, a Lt Col with good years has 70,000-90,000 and so on. So with this salary they can afford good things, as they have some other benefits also which leads to saving.

    Taking example of my Bro, who is a Lt, since him joining the army he has saved more then 100,000, why ?? Becoz he is sitting at some LOC post and after every 4-5 months comes for one week leave, eats what his jawans eat at that post with no light, telephone or any other wordly stuff. So by sitting at that lonely peak, he has no expenses, thus he is saving, and this would not be his only posting, soon he will be going to siachen and then to operational areas in FATA, where he will be more into fighting and duty rather then wasting his salary on worldly items, thus he will be saving and when he comes to some normal station, he will have sufficient money to buy something decent for himself, off course he will need his dad's help.

    So Army officers have parents too who have money, and they can help their children in procuring items which their sons can't with their salaries.

    And you have no idea how much corruption is done in the civilian setup, its easy to blame army, but go to some NAB office and check out the cases with them, you will be shocked.

    And yeah in army, an officer doesn't stays at one post forever, he will get posted and go to a post where he can't do corruption and the officer replacing him does not needs to be a corrupt also, not everyone is corrupt.

    Still, i know people like you and saad445566 won't be satisfied as some people have a mindset of not seeing the positive facts about a thing as they have already made up their mind and no matter what you tell them, they won't change their thinking.

    In civilian setup from a PN / Clerk upto a grade 22 officer does corruption, include into it the MPAs, MNAs, Senators and ministers, while in Army only officers at certain posts are able to do corruption, which is the difference and in the end the difference goes into Billions.

    Just to give you a heads up, my dad had brought to home an investigation file of a Line Superintendent in Wapda, and he had assets worth 50Million+, meaning 5 crore Pak Rupees, just a line suprdnt, just imagine how much Billions only Wapda guys have made up.

    Anyway, i hope my above talk did not went into wastage dump and you have some know how of how military works and what is the level of corruption compared to the civilian setup.
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