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  • If you want, go ahead and add me, I think you will be able to post visitor messages then. I had an Indian contact but he was banned, and I am open to having Indian relations on here. Feel free if you choose.
    read through the 1971 war threads to see if it isn't posted already, and if it adds to the discussion or helps make a point, post it.

    I would not post it merely to antagonize Pakistanis here.
    This is a well known fact. Gujaral ordered the removal of this capability under his "Gujral doctrine".

    A qoute:

    " It is important for India to revive its covert action capability against Pakistan-based terrorism, which was wound up in 1997 under the so-called Gujral Doctrine of unilateral gestures to our neighbours. Even if we do not use this capability now, it should be available for use, if the situation warrants it. Knowledge that India has such a capability at its disposal and may use it, if left with no other option, may itself act as a deterrent. "

    Link: http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/%5Cpapers29%5Cpaper2817.html

    Just google and you will find many references.
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