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  • Nothing available as of yet, I did see an article in Janes last night. Will see if something comes out concrete.
    The 'Thank' feature have been misused and abused to the point of worthlessness. It is used more as a mean for personal insult than to appreciate a genuinely valuable post. Those who I appreciate do not need such public display of approval. They know who they are.
    yar AJK mein b same condition hai par udhar strikes nai hoti aisi , but i personally think that patient life is more important than money .
    i know many PG trainees who get only 18,000 per month and they have families to support .
    yar log nai samjhtay they think k sab doctors lakhun kama rahay hain , now pays are much better as compared to past but i know many doctors who live in very harsh conditions
    yar people always blame doctors they think doctors are not human beings and doctors dont have families and needs . i know many doctors are selfish but its same as other professions , why people isolate medical profession when it comes to serving humanity ? evey profession is bound to serve humanity not only doctors . its we doctors who get beaten up every time when some one dies even without our fault but who raise voice for us ? no one
    Patients even abuse us when they dont find any proper facilities in hospitals and blame us while its the responsibility of Govt to provide all facilities not doctors
    Sweden is nice nice.......Allah nay bahut husan diya hay yahan kay loggon ko hehehe
    ..... Btw u being in sweden before .......
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