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  • Hey welcome I would like to urge that you shouldn't pull up old threads, also make sure you don't get yourself into trouble again bro.
    I got infractions too for almost no reason.

    So you have to be very careful here.

    If you think PDF is too strict, then you can go to the CDF, which is less strict about the anti-anti-china speech.
    Nice to see you back in action, next time be more calm, and don't get banned again.

    We all hope you can stay here much longer.
    Can't drink Alcohol due to religious reasons however I will raise my glass and we can drink something else.
    Many Uighurs are good people, and most of the Turks are also sane.

    Don't confuse them with the hardcore Pan-Turanists.
    Yeah, gagaga is self-hating troll.

    Well, faithfulguy is Taiwanese who hates his Chinese heritage, since his wife is a white american, so he thinks he has more allegiance with them.
    Yep, to deal with the trolls, you have to be wise. You must learn to be patient, calm and fair when making your points across. This way you will expose them for the fraud, egoist, trolls that they are and without getting yourself banned etc. If they want to look stupid and show the public how hypocritical, boastful and their love to betray and intimidate their neighbours, then by all means allow them ;)
    friend``dont worry, they are desperate, we are just playing with their stupidity
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