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  • * shakes head in disappointment * ! The world would be a better place if Deno actually replied to messages ! :P
    Just wondering ! :D

    But no seriously...I just typed the first thing that popped in my mind ! :)

    But seriously still whats up with you women ? You're not going to tell your age or your weight and now even 'height' ? Damn....talk about 'insecurity', flubber ! :P
    Haaahaaa, I'm sure you would ! :D Deno, tell me something about yourself - how tall are you ? What football position you play in ? Do you do any other social media website other than FaceBook ? Something...sooooomething ! Then it'll be my turn !:)
    Why do you always leave me hanging in the air ? :( Ever heard of something called 'Replying to a message' :P
    Haahaaaa ! I know thats how desperate some men are ! :D But surely you're not going to get out of our football match...are you ? :P

    But don't worry I can't think of hitting on you even if you look like a younger version of Nicole Kidman because I've called you 'My Dear Sister' so many times...haven't I ? :)

    Alright my Chubby Warrior Princess I believe you when you say that you haven't any layers of fat ! :P
    No what material ? Denoooo...! What the heck was that ? :D But seriously...nothing for me ? No memories to hold onto when I've left PDF and you've moved on as well ? T T I want to remember back to the days I had a Turkish lady as my friend called Deniz and for that to happen I need some facial recognition !

    So please can you upload one of your pics to your profile ! :) Especially the one which shows how whole folds of fat are bulging out of your swimsuit whilst you stand next to your boyfriend - Severus ! :P
    Hey, Deno...why aren't you on FaceBook or any of the other social media sites, I want to know what you look like, how thick your moustache really is ? :P
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