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  • "our views differ too much for either of us to be convincing to the other and there is no real way of establishing epistemologically who is superior that would satisfy both of us. "

    What is your epistemological standard?
    "if "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion" but it doesn't mean I have to suffer yours. "

    The "ignore" function is very helpful. And I was keeping our exchange semi-private for two reasons: to help maintain thread discipline and to keep you from losing face. Seems I failed on both counts.
    "I got Solomon's number when I tried to reason with him on the Israel thread, not because of this particular post of his. His grasp on truth is as nebulous as yours. "

    Sharpie, I just reviewed that thread, and I don't classify what you were doing there as "reasoning".

    As for my "grasp on truth" being "nebulous", I'm always open to correction. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.
    I am impressed by your style of posting and your views on most matters are in tune with mine, and so I extend a hand of friendship to you.............
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