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  • Hello Blain2

    You noticed, I kept my words and didn't post any further replies, yet a friend of mine did. I don't know why you chose me to request not to post. As if only I was posting and responsible for de-railing the thread. No hard feelings though.

    I have recently joined this site, but find it not very user friendly !!!! I cannot figure out how to start and post something,, kindly advise..
    aoa mr.blaink.sir.. ive started a topic on j10 and put a statement their from another forumn that troubled me.. '' americans have the codes of f16 to render them nonfunctional whenever they want?? '' ..

    everyone is mocking me on the thread rather than to give me an answer.plz give an insight.
    regards.dr haroon
    Hi Blain2,
    do we know what the work-order is like at the LM assembly plant at F.Worth, Texas now that the Polish order has been completed.
    Israel's F-16I order ongoing ?
    Pakistan F-16C/D started ?
    Greece F-16 C/D ?
    Turkey F-16 C/D ?
    Morroco F-16 C/D ?
    any-other ?
    kindly comment!
    hello Sir!
    there is kid who got baned previously..indeed just a lil while ago.and he registered again,and now apologising.Neo disapproves.but the kid is persistent,aslo pledged to behave in furture.he wanted me to talk to the MODs on his behalf. since you're online i passed the request to you.its upto you now,thanks!
    salaams, do you want to make a thread on the U-214? perhaps, we can go into detail on its technologies, weaponry, subsystems? it's probably been a year since I've seen a real "defense-related" thread!
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