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  • Ali, you need to tone down the anti-wahabi attitude. Don't generalize and stereotype please. When there is some specific action to be criticized, do so - but don't rant about Wahabbis every chance you get. Thanks.
    If anyone is secular then he is named American Puppet..What the **** is wrong with Pakistanis Ali man?I am sick of these people who are hell bent on copying Arabs and making their country a failure like Arabian Countries.
    hey kiddo, you certainly need an open mind to live in the world. narrow mindedness will get you to nothing. u are extremist of another kind. do you enjoy licking the *** of Yankees and whites. sure you do, because their electronic media brain wash your mind and you talk just on one matter i-e conflicting views on the religious identity and ideology of pakistan.i have followed your posts i can only say to you, that you need to get some serious life.
    death to Mullah Omar and all these bandit mafia "opium poppies in one hand and Quran in the other hand" whack jobs

    i am a little crazy. But secularism is something I have grown up with and I was raised to think this way. The problem is that in Urdu, secular ends up being translated as "atheist" and that is something I am not.

    As for nationalist, yes I am a nationalist. Because nationalism in society is important. It translates into love for the country and doing and thinking only in terms of national interests --- even if it means picking up litter from the side of the street.

    We have world's best country, with all the resources we need. The land is great. The people, however, leave something that is yet to be desired
    please change your avatar picture the guy in your picture is Mullah Omar leader of Taliban in Afganistan very much supported by ISI hes a hero let me tell you his tale in Afgan-Soviet war a bullet pass by em and a little concerete piece hits his eyes with his bare hands he took out his eyeball from the socket and shoot RPG @ the soviet tank hes a very respected man that your calling a demon he have a beard that doesnt mean hes a demon.
    You ike a country like Turkey ( Germans make fun of them), u claim to be muslim but are strictly against Sharia-> You got no idea
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