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  • Hello brother.
    Assalam u Alaikum.

    Hope everything is good at your side. Just popping in to say that I admire and appreciate your signature. :)

    Take care.
    Sir he didn't deposed all the charges it is government to duty to take case against him all cases against government are taken by some one in court but government as it came by making deal with America so they are not taking any case against him
    Sir don't tell jokes the day he picked up Missing persons case agencies started talking crap against him so he comes under pressure but as he is an honest person they miscalculated him and face the ultimate embarrassment that time and now are preparing to face this time
    Sir corruption charges which were presented by founder of most corrupt part and that charges to proved to be wrong and just wanted to remove CJ because that was the first time he raised the question of missing persons
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