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  • 兄弟,祝你新年快乐,祖国蒸蒸日上

    Bro, you are new here, name calling, personal attacks and racist remarks are common on this forum, you can't be too emotional an and badmouthing them back, you will be ban, all you need to do is to expose their ugly faces for others to see with facts like how i put that false flag jap in shame. Anyway checkout with below freezing, chinese tiger about me and checkout the Chinese economy news and update thread in Chinese defence before doubting me, did you see my signature? 中华人民共和国万岁!!

    L.A. 是洛杉矶(Los Angelos) 的缩写

    sh*t 就是粪便的意思,只不过为了不让这一词被和谐我用 * 替代了原有的 i
    lol, Oh nice China is good place to be in... But around this forum lol a lot of nonsense goes around between chinese and indians.... may be because we people dont trust each other
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