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Seal team 6 route

Seal team 6 route

American authorities claim that they used terrain hugging maneuvers and stealth Black Hawks to breach Pakistani air defenses. Is it possible to carry an operation of 40 minutes in the heart of Pakistan Army without notifying the authorities? The only possible route of Seal team 6 is shown in the figure. Suppose Black Hawks equipped with stealth technology slipped through air defenses, but how an ordinary Chinook with bigger size deceived the radars, I wonder how nap-of-the-earth techniques worked when most of the air defenses were located on highest places in the area and no. 13 squadron Saab 2000 AEW&C at Kamra was scanning the area from above. The aircraft's Erieye radar has a range of 450 km and is also capable of identifying the type of aircraft and the weapons it is carrying so it can detect any aircraft deep within Afghanistan. Why this Chinook was not detected by the radars when it landed at bin Laden compound for backup, why it was not detected when it was carrying Usama’s dead body back to Afghanistan.
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