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"Baktar Shikan is a second-generation anti-tank guided missile weapon system which uses the principle of optical aiming, IR tracking and automatically generated, remote controlled and wire transmitted guidance signals. With its long range, greater penetration power and a powerful anti-jamming capability, it forms a potent defence against armoured targets. It is easy to operate and is capable of destroying all known tank targets including those fitted with ERA at ranges up to 3,000 m with more than 90% hit and penetration probability. The system can quickly be disassembled into four sub-assemblies, each weighing not more than 25 kg, thus making the system man-portable"


Range: 3,000 m

Hit probability: 90 %
Penetration probability: 90 %
Depth of penetration:
a. Standard warhead: 500 mm HRA (Homogenous Rolled Armour)

b. Tandem warhead: 600 mm HRA
Rate of fire: 2 to 3 rounds per minute
Mean flying speed: 220 m/s
Size of encased missile(length x diameter): 1,566 x 155 mm
Weight of encased missile: 25 kg

Size of main missile(length x diameter x wingspan): 875 x 120 x 320 mm
Weight of main missile: 11.2 Kg
Size of IR Goniometer(length x width x height): 480 x 150 x 280 mm
Weight of IR Goniometer: 12.5 kg
Wide IR field of view: ± 49 milli radians
Narrow IR field of view: ± 7 milli radians
Field of view of sight: 6°
Magnification of sight: 12x
Fire elevation angle: - 7° to + 13°
Traverse angle: 360°
Operating Temperature: - 40 °C to + 50 °C

Operating Climate: All Weather

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