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Land acquisition substantially completed///



Construction pace to further accelerate on Dasu Project: Chairman WAPDA
August 22, 2023: Chairman WAPDA Engr Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani (Retd) has said that the pace of construction work will be further accelerated on Dasu Hydropower Project, as long-delayed process of land acquisition has substantially been completed.

The Chairman expressed these views during his visit to Dasu Hydropower Project today. Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman said that the issue of acquiring the land was the major obstacle in the way to speedy implementation of the project. He appreciated the efforts made by the project management and the support rendered by the district administration and the provincial government to resolve this issue.

The Chairman had a detailed visit of the starter dam and the under-ground power house of the project. During a briefing by the GM/PD and the Project Managers of the Consultants and the Contractors, the Chairman was briefed that the river diversion system functioning satisfactorily during the recent high-flow season. A 1.3 Km-long left bank flushing tunnel has also been temporarily opened last week for the traffic to bypass main dam site and facilitate excavation of the dam abutment at the left bank as well. Excavation of the intake, power house, tail race tunnel, surge chamber and transformers cavern is also in progress.

The 4320 MW-Dasu Hydropower Project is planned to be completed in two stages. The under construction 2160 MW-Stage-I will start electricity generation in 2026.

Earlier, the Chairman also visited Diamer Basha Dam Project to review construction activities on the key sites. CEO Diamer Basha Dam, the GM, and representatives of the Consultants and the Contractors were also present on the occasion.

The Chairman was briefed that the construction activities are being carried out simultaneously on 10 sites of the main works, which include permanent bridge, diversion tunnel, left and right abutments and low level outlets. The Chairman directed the project team to complete river diversion phase-1 by November this year as per the schedule.

Diamer Basha Dam Project is scheduled for completion in 2027-28. The Dam will have a gross water storage of 8.1 MAF to irrigate 1.23 million acres of additional land. Installed power generation capacity of the project stands at 4500 MW.
Construction work continues on all key sites of Dasu Hydropower Project, which is to be completed in two stages. WAPDA is constructing Stage-I with installed generation capacity of 2160 MW and annual energy generation of 12 billion units.
Electricity generation from the project is scheduled in 2026. Rs. 17.34 billion have been earmarked to execute CBM schemes for economic and social development in the project area.



Two 55-ton main transformers of Dasu HPP successfully transported​

By Fatima

The Power Construction Corporation of China (PowerChina)’s 132kV transmission line of the Dasu Hydropower Project has successfully transported two 55-tonne main transformers from Islamabad to the Dasu 132kV substation.

Two 55-ton main transformers of Dasu HPP successfully transported

"The transport marks that all the main equipment of the project has reached the site, and the construction of the substation has entered the final stage.

The 132 kV transmission line from Duber hydel power station to Dasu was direly needed for a stable supply of electricity during the peak construction period of the Dasu hydropower project.

Dasu hydropower project, with a total capacity of 4320MW, is being executed in two phases. The first phase, which involves constructing a 2,160MW power generation facility, is currently in progress and is expected to commence electricity production in 2026.
The 4320 MW-Dasu Hydropower Project is planned to be completed in two stages.
The under construction 2160 MW-Stage-I will start electricity generation in 2026.




DASU-KKH-01 (Karakorum Highway Relocation project of DASU Hydropower Project) is a highway reconstruction project for the submerged N35 section of DASU Hydropower Project.

The total length of the line is 26.488 km, mainly including 24.71km of KKH highway and 1.778 km of connecting line. Influenced by the natural and social environment, the original design mileage of K9+130 - K10+370 open excavation is changed into the tunnel, which is 4km north of DASU Town and can be reached along N35 highway.

The road location of tunnel entrance is K9+140 and the exit is K10+360. The total length of the tunnel is 1220 meters, which belongs to the middle long tunnel.

Credits: Engr. Masood Waqar

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