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Why is India so dirty?

Waste management. There should be govt run waste management for industrial, commercial and residential site, especially for slums. Its really low cost in India with your huge amount of labour.

Also public bins and plentiful public cleaners. People tend not to make a mess somewhere already clean.

Another thing to consider is fines for those who litter. Hire people wearing body cams and pay them to patrol the streets in busy areas fining anyone who drops litter.
some plastic can be reused by grinding it down to granule minerals.

WTF are these people doing ??

Eating off the pavement dogs pee on? Why ??

Wow.... :disagree:

you know why japanese are clean take alook at their children schools the japanese child is taught at very young age to pick up litter to clean floor to work collectively in groups to clean room and serve food to other students.

i find iranians clean too. what these two got in common both nations value education, cleanness. They are to proud to cheat unlike india bengladesh pakistan where people are bemaan no wonder british ruled, too many sell out traitors.

In Pakistan you travel to shop, to buy a product the shop keeper will raise the prices and down grade the product. you go to doctor, he will give you fear factor so you spend more on medicine. police officer randomly will jump on you request bribes. the school teachers are busy eyeing up young girls, drug selling, taking bribes to pass students. politcians are busy cheating ppl, robbing land, stealing minerals, murdering ppl. army is too fooling people to milk kashmir situation, plus are busy killing true freedom fighters, milking nation resources, plus involved in sex business even though they have kamzoor lulli and kidnapping, torturing ppl. i personally think army is involved in the heroin trade there just too much money in that game, i have seen it in england where police officers are paid to alert the dealers of raids.

Oh i forgot to add; movies show immoral scenes and storylines. movie actors thinking they are above common man on the st. They never make movies about islamic heros but when etugrul a turkish drama was getting huge audience from pakistan then you had loser pak actors crying on the pak show, complaining about why pak ppl are watching foreign dramas. Shaan and saima crying with jealousy, thing is they had their chance what dramas or movies they made, saima dancing fiflthy shaking her big pakistani a ss across the screen and shaan kissing her on the neck etc. He should have gone all the way and drop his shalwar and just bang her atleast we can it was **** instead of drama with fiflth.

Cleaning up is a religion in Japan. The president of large companies like Matsushita (Panasonic) and Sony used to clean up their own commodes. They believed it'd keep them humble.

Every morning, retired people in Japan wake up and clean up their portion of the sidewalk in front of their house. This they have accepted as their responsibility. Filth and dirt have no place in Japan.

I have found citizens of Japan to be the single most group of honest and nice people, their prejudices not withstanding. You can leave your wallet on a park bench in Japan, no one will touch it. However they will make an effort by going to the nearest prefectural police station and find the owner.

China is largely similar especially educated upper-class folks.
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China was not like this a few decades ago
China was never that much of a dirty slum shithole as that of the la la land even when the two countries were poor with literally the same GDP per Capita decades ago, blame on your civilization and culture if nothing else, lol.
But, they are one of the most evil people in the world despite those apparent niceties.

Yeah that is why I said "prejudices not withstanding". Some insular cultures like Japan have these strange beliefs about groups outside of their own due to their narrow belief system - which is unfortunate.

Even if you lived a hundred years in Japan, you will never become Japanese.

Ask some Koreans that have done this...

China was never that much of a dirty slum shithole as that of the la la land even when the two countries were poor with literally the same GDP per Capita decades ago, blame on your civilization and culture if nothing else, lol.

I will vouch for this, the discipline level in China cannot be matched in India.

The people in India are in a different value subscription level altogether. Indisciplined and hard to control are the words I'd use for India.
It’s not the population, it’s the culture. China has as large a population as India but today Chinese cities are cleaner than America’s.

It’s the blatant disregard for public cleanliness, the lack of organized effort by the govt, the lack of consideration and good habits on the part of the populace that is the issue. There needs to be some fundamental education efforts to reform society.

exactly education, that is why i said in my post, they can afford education for their people to improve lives but priorities are different. everything starts from it.
Are you sure???

I am not justifying anyone.. Read my comments again.

I am very much sure. but not sure about you.

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