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Turkey declares support to Bharat’s permanent membership at UNSC & President Erdogan said he would be ‘proud’ to have India as part of UNSC.

The onus is entirely on India to attain the membership. If India can resolve her border conflicts and find a peaceful solution for them, the South Asian country can bring balance to the UNSC along with Brazil and Egypt.

Pakistan however as policy will not entertain the idea.
One more falls into line. Only 3 nations China Pakistan and Italy oppose, the rest of the 193 would be happy to see India a permeant member of the Security Council
Italy recently said that it wants to move out of BRI programme.
It's only matter of time before they support Indian permanent membership

But what big bone was thrown to effect this great change?
Stock may be. Indian relations with Armenia and Greece have improved rapidly, especially military angle.
No. Turkey interest with Pakistan is purely on brotherhood because they know they will need each other in the times of wars. But that doesn't mean the economic equation is out of question. You need food to live.

When has Turkey gotten involved in India-Pakistan wars ? Or vice versa
India will never be a permanent member of UNSC. Even those who 'support' (aka lip service) India's permanent membership know this very well. That's why it's easy to 'support'.
Thats a very delusional comment. The countries supporting Indian membership have got nothing to lose but Pakistan have. When we have sworn on oath to let our army uneducated generals raj to continue and let go the country into the toilet, one must not expect other countries to support us forever.
Indians are drinking too much cow urine. India will never be UNSC permanent member. Nobody trusts a snake country like India. All it takes is a simple VETO "NO" from China.

When has Turkey gotten involved in India-Pakistan wars ? Or vice versa
Well, you will see lots of involvement in Pakistan-Turkey collaboration together because they know they will be needing each other.
there goes Turkish-Pakistani brotherhood if it ever existed

Didn't they recently state they don't want to send you drones? The same drones that you intended to pass onto the Russians? Anyhow, here's a better example of brotherhood:

Israeli irked by indian.jpg
China is a true friend of Pakistan, the rest are snakes. Pakistan should do the same to them.
RTE advocates a complete change of structure at the UNSC. Basically, what he is advocating is an enlarged Security Council, with no permanent members and rotation across the board. Structure-changing, reform-encouraging all developments are supported with positive rhetoric for the sake of political coherence, and in this way they try to gain leverage for their main arguments. For years, NGOs working on this issue have been funded by Turkish agencies, even printing a book on the subject and distributing it to world leaders. Not only state leaders but all important people with global influence. The photo below is after Musk meeting the other day.


So the context is not about India, it is about the future of the current world order of the global system. But if you want to completely ignore this and turn it into a propaganda tool only for India, that's up to you...
Just now RTE said the following at the UN: The Security Council has ceased to be the guarantor of world security and has become a battleground for the political strategies of 5 countries. This order must change. (...) The world is bigger than five.

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