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Small Manufacturing units in Pakistan.


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This thread is like Gold to me. I love this. :-)

I have watched most of these Pakistani Manufacturing videos in YT already.

Here is Tez Raftar 3-wheeler truck manufacturing.

In the years after WWII, Isuzu, Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota all made Heavy 3-wheeler trucks like these. Low cost and wonderfully efficient for rural use and they were very popular in Japan.

I hope we can export these Tez Raftar to Bangladesh, they need them there for sure.

Multiple variations, some with double-wheels and inline two-wheel loader van in the back. One caveat will be that these 3-wheelers are not allowed on Freeways or Toll roads in Bangladesh but I'm sure that is the case in Pakistan as well.

Here are the Japanese 3- wheelers in the 1950s and 1960s, some of them were rated very heavy, some up to 2 tons! Some are still in use today. Notice the much larger wheels compared to the Tez Raftar.

Early Mazda

Late Mazda T2000 (2 ton capacity)

Early Daihatsu

Late Daihatsu


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This forging company (Mannan-Shaheed) probably counts as very large, I don't know if I should re-post to another location.


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