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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

Footage of the destruction of a Ukrainian Leopard 2A6 tank made in Germany. The Leopard 2A6 tank is equipped with additional protection and belonged to the 47th mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Army; the tank was used in the Avdiivka direction. The Leopard 2A6 tank was reportedly destroyed by one of the Russian tanks, the model of the tank is not reported and it is not in the video, perhaps the shooting was carried out from afar. Judging by the footage, after the Leopard tank was hit, the fuel in it caught fire and the tank’s crew abandoned the combat vehicle.

Kerch bridge can be targeted with Atacms but it cannot be out of service. It is not easy to bring down bridges with a few hits. There are barriers and extra precautions against sea drones as well so we are not hearing about Ukranian starlink sea drones attack these days on the bridges.

Ukranian pilots dont have time to train so other pilots from some Nato countries like Poland can be outsourced to use the F16s which would remove the main road block about F16s which is Ukranian lack of training-experience about f16s which are crucial to pull off an effective airstrike. They can land attack Kherson with less risk flying low and return back to bases in Romania or Poland. If A-50 awacs is not active around Kherson Russian S300 cant target low flying aircraft. Perhaps Ukraine will claim to use Avdiivka as diversion after it is eventually taken by Russia soon and claim F16 backed cross Dnieper landing operation as the "win".
yes the kerch is heavily defended by sea and air.
however there is a catch.
since Ukraine brought a lorry full with dynamites to explosion. bridge was damaged. Putin has transfered to command to the FSB. Putin trusts his ex Kgb comrades more than the army.
what Ukrain needs is a either a bomber to drop with heavy bombs on the bridge, or
a high precision cruise missile like tarus.
a bomber like Tornato or F16 would carry the 1.5 ton cruise missile and fire it from the safe distance 500km away. the missile will fly autonomous to the bridge circumventing all enemy radars. hit the bridge piers.
the cruise missile has a 400kg amor piercing metal combined with delayed explosion dynamites.

Supposedly, China is buying crude, not refined, oil from Russia because China can refine the crude and resell the finished products at higher price. But Russia's oil industry has its own problems that selling crude does not help. Refined petroleum is where the real profits begins.
MOSCOW, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Russia has temporarily banned exports of gasoline and diesel to all countries outside a circle of four ex-Soviet states with immediate effect in order to stabilise the domestic market, the government said on Thursday.

We Have Never Seen Such Fierce And Bloody Battles. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.02

If Russia wipe out Ukraine, what is next?
Moldavia is an easy prey most likely the next target.
Similar to Ukraine the russians have illegally occupied large part of territory. they have both regular army and separatist army there.
Putin can stage same shits. the Moldavians wants to join EU, NATO. The nazi oppress russian speaking population, and so forth.
Then he can annex the territory, and start the 3 day denazi military campaign.
If Russia wipe out Ukraine, what is next?
Russia will try to destabilize every eastern european country and hope for the EU to disintegrate. The West, especially Europe, will face hybrid warfare on a massive scale until european leaders truely accept that Russia is an enemy and retaliate correspondently. We have to realize and accept that this is a zero sum game to Russia.
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