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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

You are not worried about global warming. The poorer countries are reliving disaster after disaster without any help from the richer countries.
Global warming, declining birth rate and food shortage will decimate the human race. But there is something.
90 percent of poor countries are poor because of own stupidity. Russia can be as rich as any other country in western Europe but if a stupid guy like Putin runs the country then you land in hell, the policy of aggression ruins Russia. Not the Nato or aliens from Mars. Same story for Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, etc. the list is endless.

The Russians Launched A Series Of Successful Counterattacks. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.9.18

Operators of the Zoo-1M radar spoke about their work in Ukraine. The crew of the Russian self-propelled radar station 1L261 spoke about their combat work in Ukraine. The Zoo-1M complex calculates artillery according to the trajectory of the projectile, within 30 seconds the flight path is processed, and the station issues the coordinates from where the shooting took place. The Zoo-1M complex was put into service in the 2000s

New footage has appeared of another Russian BMPT "Terminator", the combat vehicle is missing a caterpillar, and is reportedly being sent for repairs. In the video you can also see a damaged Russian T-90 tank.

Where is Kadyrov? Not seen since a while.
Seems Putin has no further use for a lioyal dog, nick name in the west “Putin’s Blutshund”.
Just a question how Kadyrov will end. Threw out of window, tortured to death in a gulag or died in an airplane explosion like Prigozhin?


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