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Aug 7, 2019
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Pakistan Film Industry is expanding , Improving & gaining Success now .

@waz @LeGenD & others Sir would request to make it sticky so that we add Information about Pakistan Movie trailers and Box Office Collections e.t.c . Thanks :pakistan:
I am really enjoying the title songs of both of these movies
According to Film Trade Analysts, The Legend of Maula Jatt is expected to get a great number of shows (650+) in Pakistani Cinemas as this is a solo release and the biggest film ever for Lollywood. Box Office opening is expected around 8-10 Cr including previews.

Source: Ali Zain

A song from upcoming film 'Dhai Chaal' has been released | 2022.​

Film Dhai Chaal’s track ‘Niklo Pakistan Ki Khatir’ released

September 08, 2022


A song from upcoming film Dhai Chaal has been released and it is paying tribute to the unsung heroes of Balochistan and Pakistan.
The song ‘Niklo Pakistan Ki Khatir’ sung by Sahir Ali Bagga, the lyrics of the song encourage the spirit of patriotism.
The scenes accompanying the music video seem to show the people fighting against terrorism.
Meanwhile, the film "Dhai Chaal" is based on the story of Indian RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav.
Ayesha Omar and Shamoon Abbasi is playing leading role in the film.
The film’s cast also includes Humayoun Ashraf, Adnan Shah Tipu, Taqi Ahmed, Saleem Meraj, Areej Chaudhary, Faraz Marri, Jamal Gilani, Pakiza Khan and Anya Hassan.


Money Back Guarantee Official Teaser 2.0 | Fawad Khan | Wasim Akram | Faisal Qureshi | Ayesha Omar​

Money Back Guarantee Official Teaser 2.0 | Fawad Khan | Wasim Akram | Faisal Qureshi | Ayesha Omar​

Looks good so far but I'll wait till the official trailer before forming an opinion on this movie. Although looking at the trailer it is easy to tell that this movie has great visuals.
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Money Back Guarantee (2023) Official Theatrical Trailer | Fawad Khan | Wasim Akram | Faisal Qureshi​


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