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Pakistan-Iran sign MOU to enhance Maritime cooperation - June 2023

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Aug 7, 2019
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Pakistan-Iran sign MoU to enhance Maritime cooperation

June 19, 2023

Pakistan and Iran have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance Maritime cooperation.
The MoU was signed between Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) and the Iranian border guards during the visit of Secretary Defence, Lt.Gen (Retd) Hamooduz Zaman to Iran. It will strengthen relations between PMSA and Iranian border guards.
Upon arrival in Tehran, the Secretary Defence was welcomed by the Iranian Deputy Defence Minister.
During interaction, the Iranian Deputy Defence Minister expressed best wishes for Pakistan's political and military leadership.
The Secretary Defence emphasized the importance of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran. He also expressed the hope that bilateral relations will continue to evolve on principles of mutual respect and shared common interests.
During talks, both sides aimed to further enhance the collaboration in various areas of common interest including security, joint counter terrorism measures and ensuring regional economic connectivity.

What does this even accomplish? The problem has never been the naval aspect between the two nation's maritime boundaries. The issue has always been the land border where 99% of the smuggling and terrorism occurs between the two nations.
This is pretty pointless to be honest.
If drills were being run between the PAF and IRIAF, then it would be worthwhile.
The issue is land smuggling/ terrorist movements.
Last time I checked, the BLA/TTP don't swim from Iran to Pakistan
What does this even accomplish?

Most likely to set up direct communication lines, overview of capabilities, and outline for assistance between the PMSA and the Coast Guard equivalent of the Iranian Board Guard.

It's likely a follow-up to the Gulf-Iran-Pakistan-India Maritime cooperation policy outlined a few weeks ago.
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