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Non Line of sight weapons & the Future soldier

Future Soldier System Equipment Delivered To Bundeswehr

This is from Switzerland.

Below one is sort of artisticly inspired view of the German programme:

When you couple all of this gadgetry with an exoskeleton you will get something akin to totally armored self propelled soldier. Which has it's benefits but also has drawbacks as they will inevitably loose the ability to hide, sneak, crawl through narrow spaces.

But on the upside, they will have sensors to scan through walls and enough firepower to blast those walls. :angel:


i think in 30 years barring alien invasions and global financial meltdowns soldiers will look like Master Sargeant from HALO videogame.
Israel; IDF to introduce soldier optronic IFF to prevent battlefield fratricide
IDF will equip front infantry troops with infrared markers – designed to achieve 'friend or foe' identification during combat. The mrkers were developed by local TAR Ideal in collaboration with IDF special units.

The PRO TL5 is based on infrared technology - red and visible light. Is mounted onto a helmet, weapons or clothing warrior. Weight of the marker is a hundred grams, including batteries, and is resistant to water and humidity, as well as against blows or falls.

The TL5 PRO allows to distinguish between fellow predator by the use of a night or no means

Israel; IDF to introduce soldier optronic IFF to prevent battlefield fratricide
i thought americans were already using these infrared tags on the bodies? mostly with Special forces
The Americans' "Kinetic Operations Suit" which is possibly one of those ideas for their Future soldier programme.


Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C)
Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C)

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) was the second organization to develop a cornershot type weapon.

POF Eye is a special-purpose hand-held weapon system similar in concept to the CornerShot that can fire weapons around corners. It was first revealed at the 5th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS 2008), held at the Karachi Expo Centre in November 2008.[2][3] It is designed for SWAT and special forces teams in hostile situations, particularly counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations. It allows its operator to both see and attack an armed target without exposing the operator to counter-attack.

POF Eye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

These look cool but their very niche weapons. They might be good for urban combat and suppressing enemies around corners but an easier and cheaper way to get fire superiority around a corner is to use a handheld like a frag gernade, flashbang or smoke. Maybe it might be useful for special ops when your in a situation where handhelds might be dangerous or compromise you.
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