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NATIONAL INTEREST UNDER THREAT : Court bars appointment of outsider as Pims head

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Dec 10, 2013
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ISLAMABAD: Amid plans to appoint a serving army general as the head of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) for three years, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday barred the health ministry from appointing a `deputationist` as the head of the state-run hospital.

The IHC direction paves the way for the promotion and appointment of Dr Rana Imran Sikander as a permanent executive director of Pims.

Currently, he is looking after the affairs of the hospital as astopgap measure.

It is worth mentioning that some of the employees of Pims had approached the court for the appointment of a permanent head.

Though the case was in court, the caretaker government last month decided to appoint serving officers of the Pakistan Army Medical Corps as the heads of the two largest state-run hospitals in Islamabad Pims and Polyclinic.

A letter from the health ministry sent last month to the defence ministry said that the posts of the executive director in Pims and Polyclinic were vacant due to the unavailability of eligible officers from the feeding cadre for promotion to the ED.

`In order to ensure effective health care service delivery for the public at large in ICT, it has been desired to fill the posts onsecondment basis from Pakistan Army Medical Corps as an interim arrangement,` it had added.

The move to bring army men to civilian hospitals raised many an eyebrow, with the Pakistan Medical Association vowing to resist the move. `We warn the health ministry to refrain from any such decision as it will be an insult to civil doctors. The ministry has made a deliberate attempt to defame the doctors and create differences between civil society and institution,` the statement issued in October added.

Against the backdrop of these events, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani directed the health ministry not to appoint the ED Pims on deputation. `This court is of the view that till the appointment of executive director of Pimsthrough CSB [Central Selection Board], no deputationist shall be appointed to the position of the executive director; therefore, the secretary of the Ministry of National Health Services is directed to submit a concise report on the next date of hearing qua process of appointment against the post...which could only be filled through Service Structure of Pims, provided under the Rules,` the IHC said.

According to a senior member official at Pims, the three most senior officers, including the acting ED, were promising candidates for the promotion: Dr Tariq of Burn Center, Dr Rana Imran Sikander, and Dr Mazhar Badshah are grade 20 employees currently working at the hospital.

`Dr Tariq is the most senior but there is a court direction thatfur-ther responsibility cannot be given to him till decision of the court. Dr Rana Sikander is the second most senior officer and his case for the promotion in BPS-21 was sent to the Central Selection Board (CSB) but a meeting could not be held because of the IHC case. However, because of the IHC directions, a meeting of the CSB will be held soon and it will pave the way for Dr Sikander to become ED,` he claimed.

Trying to control Medical boards , for writing and manipulating medical reports
Placing physicians and doctors who can write custom report for Death/Injuries

Interference in Medical Board and appointment of doctors is a serious concerning aspect

Changing the head of institute is first step to manipulate

Once the head of Organization is changed , he then can hire/fire anyone internally without Press Releases
as per windjammer and signalian
now the hospital will be destroyed
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