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Morocco to acquire Israeli spy satellite worth $1 bln- media


Jul 10, 2017
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Morocco to acquire Israeli spy satellite worth $1 bln- media​

By Reuters
July 10, 20243:26 PM GMT+3Updated 19 hours ago

RABAT, July 10 (Reuters) - Morocco plans to acquire a spy satellite from Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) in a $1 billion deal, Moroccan media reported on Wednesday.
The state-owned IAI (ISRAI.UL) said on Tuesday it entered a $1 billion contract to supply one of its systems to an unnamed third party.
IAI, which makes some of Israel's most advanced drones and missile defense systems, said in a regulatory filing in Tel Aviv that the deal will be carried out over five years.
they kill 1400 jews what do you exept us to do?
Lots of Israelis were killed by the IDF, probably hundreds (latest Haaretz Investigative Report). I believe it was mostly a military targeted attack by Hamas. They treat hostages well given the extreme conditions they are in, unlike what Israel does to Palestinians it kidnaps. Israel destroyed hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, bombed buildings with civilians, shot refugees, murdered infants, babies, doctors, journalists, and created famine. Destroyed civilian infrastructure. Over 10% of Gazans must be dead, injured, or handicapped through military action and lack of health care. New births must have dropped to a trickle, near zero. It is a holocaust.
Who or what does Morocco need to spy on?

Ummah chummah...
Morocco will spy on its anti-Israel Arab neighbors and rebel groups who want independence. It is an enthusiastic Israeli vassal state, similar to UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia (secretly). Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, and Oman are in the service of Israel too, but they try to be more discreet about it. So, there are two Arab Defence groups, one in the service of Israel and another against.

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