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Made in India military weapons and support systems


Ameya Precision Engineers Ltd has received a purchase order from ARDE, for the supply of PCB Empty Assy for Project LR-LACM. The said receipt of the Purchase Order is worth Rs.91,34,002/- (inclusive of taxes).

Nirbhay Cruise Missile

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The Armenian Army purchased Indian 155-mm MArG howitzers manufactured by Bharat Forge. The MarG wheeled self-propelled gun was developed by Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited and was first shown in 2021. The MArG self-propelled gun is equipped with a 155 mm gun with a barrel length of 39 calibers and mounted on a 4 = 4 vehicle. The MarG self-propelled gun is equipped with an armored cabin for a crew of five and has a modern fire control system. It is stated that the MArG 155-BR self-propelled gun is capable of conducting long-term fire with a rate of fire of 42 rounds in 60 minutes. In intensive fire mode, the rate of fire of the self-propelled gun is 12 shots in three minutes. The firing range of the self-propelled gun is up to 24 kilometers, the transportable ammunition load is 18 shells. The time to bring the self-propelled gun into combat position is up to 2 minutes. The weight of the MarG self-propelled gun is 18 tons.

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