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M-13 - Kharian - Rawalpindi Motorway


Mar 21, 2007
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M-13 - Kharian - Rawalpindi Motorway


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ISLAMABAD: The National Highways Authority (NHA) Executive Board has recommended the PC-1 for construction of Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway at the cost of Rs88.32 billion for the consideration of Central Development Working Party (CDWP).

According to documents available with Business Recorder that Executive Board recommended the PC-1 for construction of Kharian-Rawalpindi 4-lane Motorway having 6-lane structures (117.1 kms) at the cost of Rs88.32 billion for the consideration of the CDWP.
The project would be shaped up in November 2021.

According to a PC-I submitted in Planning Commission by NHA, the total length of the project is 117km long and it would be the 4-lane controlled access motorway.

The total proposed cost of the motorway is Rs88.32 billion including Rs68.91 billion construction and Rs7.09 billion land and utilities cost. The project would be completed in 30 months once started on Public Private Partnership mode.

The motorway starts from Kharian where the under construction Sialkot-Kharian Motorway would ends and then it will be terminated at T-Chowk on main G T Road near Rawat in Rawalpindi. The motorway includes 9 interchanges at Sarai Aalmgir, Jhelum, Dina, Sohawa, Gujar Khan, Mandra, Banth Moor, Chak Bali and T-chowk Rawat.

After its completion, the project would provide about a 100km short motorway route between Lahore and Islamabad.

The existing Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) is 375km long but new route from Lahore to Rawalpindi would be around 290km long.

Out of 290km project, 103km long Lahore-Sialkot Motorway is functional and 70km long Sialkot-Kharian Motorway is under construction while 117km long Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway is going to be inaugurated after cabinet approval.
Get to it and build it PTI has some real jerks in the kharian division the condition of roads here is absolute shite.
No, this is new route.
NATO used Indus Highway.
GT road is N-5.
GT road was also used I believe because it connects back with the same route at Sohawa(not to be confused with village with same name in ISL) or Gujar Khan.

Motorway does too if you turn off Talagang towards Chakwal and Mianwali.

I've seen more NATO trucks on GT Road than Motorway that's for sure tho.

I wonder who were the Pakistani trucking companies handling those contracts if there ever were Pakistani companies handling NATO contracts. Would've made someone very rich.

Even in US military contracts can be very lucrative.
Get to it and build it PTI has some real jerks in the kharian division the condition of roads here is absolute shite.
More often it is a nexus of paindoo mna/mpa and ratta educated babus.
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Kharian-Pindi motorway: Revenue department completes land price assessment

Gujrat: The land revenue department in Punjab has completed a price assessment for the land acquisition for the 117-kilometre-long Kharian-Rawalpindi motorway project, news sources reported on October 20.

As per the sources, the land for the Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway would be acquired from three cities in the following proportion:
  • 18,526 kanals and 10 marlas of land for the Gujrat district highway project
  • 6,488 kanals and five marlas in Gujrat tehsil
  • 9,074 kanals and five marlas in Kharian
  • 3,000 kanals in Sara-i-Alamgir tehsil.
According to official sources, the land acquisition assessment was conducted by the district price assessment committee headed by Gujrat Deputy Commissioner (DC) Amer Shahzad Kang and comprised assistant commissioners (ACs) from three tehsils, as well as Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue (ADCR) Aurangzaib Sidhu.

Furthermore, land acquisition for three additional megaprojects planned for the Gujrat district has already been completed, including at least 189 kanals and 16 marlas for the Commissioner Complex in Machiana village, where a 90-acre plot of state property is located, and a sewage disposal facility at Hariawala Chowk.

It is important to note that the Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway project is a 117-kilometre-long, 4-Lane, access-controlled facility that will connect Jhelum, Mangla, Dina, Sohawa, Gujar Khan, Mandra, and ends near Rawat near T-Chow. The project will be executed under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement and will be managed on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis.

Explore Kharian Rawalpindi Motorway Route.
Kharian Rawalpindi Motorway Route Map
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