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Inspiration. Transforming Xinjiang Kashgar old town earthquake vulnerable old houses


Nov 4, 2011
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Inspiration. Transforming Xinjiang Kashgar old town earthquake vulnerable old houses​

Kashgar, Xinjiang, is a very earthquake active region, houses in Kashgar old town are beautiful with over 1000 years long history but those mainly adobe mud houses can't withstand even minor earthquakes. Local Uighur people refuse to move to the earthquake resistant new houses built by the government in the suburbs cause they have lived in those old house for generations. See how Chinese architects' inspirational way to deal with this issue.

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Today's Kashgar old town after the renovation

Young couple, ( husband Chinese and wife Korean ) visit Xinjiang Kashgar old town 2021

English subtitles are available
What Kashgar used to look like 10 years ago, Kashgar renovation and rebuilt project started in 2011 and was completed around 2013-2014



Xinjiang 10 years ago looked like Afghanistan, deeply impoverished, infested with terrorism, no investements dared to take the huge risk to go to Xinjiang, no tourism cause people worried that they would kiss their dear life goodbye if they went there.

Today's Xinjiang, highly developed in every aspect, zero terrorism, peace and great prosperity, teeming with tourists everywhere. super infrastructure, enjoying world top class public facilities such as high speed railways, subways, highways, universities, hospitals, parks, museums , sports facilities...

Peace and stability can do wonders to even such a huge and remote region like Xinjiang in just couples of years time.

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Now we see how important to rebuid Kashgar old town with earthquake proof new houses, it will potentially saves tens of thousands lives, southern Xinjiang is one of the most major earthquake prone zones in the whole world. western accusastion of " cultural and Xinjinag tradtional live style genocide" is just BS, they never care of the safety of the locals lives.
Kashgar old town renovation musem tells you what the old town was like

China seismological bureau: Xinjiang earthquakes become hyper active, 45 earthquakes registered in just one month (from January- Feburary) 2023
45 earthquakes were registered in Xinjiang between January- Feburary in Xinjiang, the strongest was 6.1 degrees Ritcher's scale

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