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Indonesian R80 Civilian Plane Program


Jul 25, 2013
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Current situation :

1. Ilham Habibie stated just week ago that the engineering team is still working on the plane design.

2. Current government doesnt put the program as priority program under Jokowi second term since the project will not be completed during Jokowi last administration that will end in November 2024.

3. Indonesian Aerospace is still busy with N219 improved version, N219 Amphibious development, MALE UCAV, and KFX/IFX program. For KFX/IFX program even Indonesia government is still difficult to meet its financial contribution while some money also needs to be allocated for internal R&D and production facilities in Indonesian Aerospace. KFX/IFX program for example needs around 2 billion USD that include building the production line, internal research, and financial obligation as 20 % stake holder of the program.

Future prediction

We are nearing election for electing new leader. Jokowi cannot run again. There is high probability for new government to support the program since R80 development program is still included in recent Minister of Planning aerospace industry road map. The road map is quite ambitious and can only reach the level of ambitiousness seen in newest road map if R80 program is continued and success.

Many of current development in N219 Amphibious, N 219 improved version, MALE UCAV, and KFX/IFX program will be completed in first term of new administration (2025-2029) inshaAllah, making the room for R80 program to enter government program in 2025-2029 period. More over, if this program is supported by new government since their day one, it can potentially enable the program to complete the first prototype and fly before another election in 2029, which mean it will give political boost for new leader under nationalistic Indonesian population.
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My suggestion in term of R80 production line

Indonesian Aerospace is located near Bandung airport (Husein Sastranegara Airport). The Airport is owned by state owned enterprise. Indonesia government and West Java Local government has also built new airport in Kertajati and has been completed.

Old Bandung airport land can be used for Indonesian Aerospace production line for R 80, N219, MALE UCAV, and KFX/IFX production. N 219 and KFX/IFX production line are already built inside current Indonesia Aerospace complex, but look like will not be enough if the future order is large which is very possible in my opinion. The expansion needs to be inside Bandung city as this is also the place for ITB (Institute Technology Bandung), the source of man power and has extensive cooperation with Indonesian Aerospace.

Old Airport in Bandung, West Java




New Airport in Kertajati, West Java

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Three state owned airline companies that will likely become their first main customers

1. Garuda Indonesia

2. Citilink

3. Pelita Air

Private owned airline like Lion Air Group will likely support as well

Regional Sales Potency

Just for information there are 6 countries in South East Asia that have used Indonesian made planes which are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam, and Brunei. Last year for example Indonesian Aerospace delivered 3 airplanes for Malaysia and Thailand. Expected new order coming for Philippine Air Force for 6 NC 212i this year as the acquisition plan has already been approved by their Finance Minister.

ASEAN GDP 1980-2027, latest IMF projection.

The plane can serve inter islands people movement in Indonesia, Philippine, and Malaysia as well as inter countries people movement within mainland South East Asia. Australia and Japan are also another potential market.

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Continuing the R80 Aircraft Project, LAPAN and PT RAI Sign the MoU


2020-09-21 15:55:32

The Aviation and Space Institute (Lapan) together with PT Regio Aviasi Industri (RAI) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to continue the R80 aircraft project.

The signing of this MoU was carried out by the Head of LAPAN Thomas Djamaluddin together with the President Director of PT RAI Agung Nugroho and witnessed directly by the Main Commissioner of PT RAI, Ilham Akbar Habibie, on 7 September.

According to PT RAI Public Relations Justin Djogo, the collaboration will begin with Lapan's involvement in the process of developing an R80 aircraft in accordance with Lapan's capabilities as a national aerospace research center.

"Such as (but not limited to) computational support for fluid dynamics, simulation of aircraft stability and control, calculation of flight performance and, in due course, aircraft testing related to aircraft certification, such as bird impact tests and others," said Justin in his statement, Monday ( 21/9/2020).

It is known that the aircraft designed by BJ Habibie has been removed from the National Strategic Project (PSN). After the R80 was removed from PSN, PT RAI tried to get government support in the form of including the R80 program in the list of national research and innovation priorities.

This is because the development of an aircraft requires support from various aspects, given the nature of the aviation industry which is strategic, complex, long-term, involving large funding and policy and regulatory support.

Government support for this project began with the direction of the Minister of Research and Technology (Menristek)/National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in the form of cooperation with Lapan and PT RAI.

PT RAI, continued Justin, expressed his high appreciation to the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Agency for Research and Innovation and Lapan for this support. The hope is that this support can continue with the support of economic diplomacy that has been running to date.

"And support from related ministries, a.l. industrial facilitation, certification for the aerospace industry ecosystem, so that the industry can grow to support the goals of Indonesia Gold 2045 by contributing to economic growth and a better nation's competitiveness than at present," continued Justin.

He also believes that industry and government cooperation in research and development is a must to complement each other in an aerospace industry ecosystem.

"Industry experience can be material for research institutions to innovate. On the other hand, discoveries in the research sector can provide a basis for the application of a technology to be implemented. This collaboration can develop according to mutual needs," continued Justin.

In recent years, PT RAI has been actively involved in preparing the aerospace industry roadmap which is currently being coordinated by Kemristek BRIN/Lapan together with other industry stakeholders.

Justin stated that the Covid-19 pandemic could cause a setback in the program where full scale development will only start at the end of 2021, prototype production in 2023, first flight at the end of 2025, certification is planned for 2028.

"Even this still has to see developments in the supplying countries involved in developing the R80. In principle, sales or contracts with customers are projected to be carried out in early 2026. However, the delivery of the first aircraft will be carried out after receiving national certification, which is estimated to be in 2028," explained Justin.


MoU PT RAI - PT Tehnika Ina Production of R80 Aircraft Military Version​

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 09:09 WIB

Author: FX Ismanto


TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - A new step was taken by PT Regio Aviasi Industry (RAI) as the company that makes R80 aircraft. Soon, the aircraft initiated by the third President of the Republic of Indonesia, BJ Habibie, will have a military version.


MoU of PT RAI - PT Tehnika Ina Production of R80 Aircraft Military Version. (TRIBUNNEWS.COM/TRIBUNNEWS.COM/FX ISMANTO)

"We are collaborating with PT Tehnika Ina in the joint development and marketing of the military version of the R80 aircraft as part of the defense industry," said President Director of PT RAI, Agung Nugroho after signing the cooperation with PT Tehnika Ina on the sidelines of the Indo Defence Expo 2018 in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/11/2018).

Agung explained, in the development of this military version, the two parties will jointly formulate its development platform further.

"Tehnika Ina will also help socialize R80 in the defense industry and identify market potential and partners for the military version of R80," said Agung, who was accompanied by the President Director of PT Tehnika Ina, Panca Tazakka.

President Director of PT RAI, Agung Nugroho together during the signing of the cooperation with the President Director of PT Tehnika Ina, Panca Tazakka at the Indo Defence Expo 2018.

"Tehnika Ina will also help socialize R80 in the defense industry and identify market potential and partners for the military version of R80," said Agung, who was accompanied by the President Director of PT Tehnika Ina, Panca Tazakka.

President Director of PT RAI, Agung Nugroho together during the signing of the cooperation with the President Director of PT Tehnika Ina, Panca Tazakka at the Indo Defence Expo 2018.

To note, in addition to civilian transport aircraft, the R80 can be developed for military needs. One of them is for the needs of maritime and air patrol aircraft, as well as 'submarine killer'," Agung said.

The competition will come from new ATR -72 plane

The plan foresees advanced design features and a new powerplant with hybrid capability to offer customers the next generation of ATR aircraft. It will encompass innovative technologies to enable significant improvements in performance, economics and sustainability. Incorporating a new eco-design that includes new propellers and enhanced cabin and systems, it will remain a two-engine turboprop that can be powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Introducing ATR EVO​

A new family of aircraft with hybrid capability and new propellers. 100% SAF compatibility. Coming before 2030.
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Bappenas' Efforts to Realize the Dream of Aerospace Industry Glory through Collaboration​


Aircraft Hangar PT Dirgantara Indonesia /DIY News/ MR Firmansyah

MR Firmansyah
- 19 Desember 2022, 11:19 WIB

DIY NEWS - Twenty-seven years ago, the Hangar Main Assembly Line IPTN Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung, witnessed the first flight of the N-250 aircraft, Gatotkaca, which is the original aircraft made by the nation's children, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.

On August 10, 1995, Gatotkaca's N-250 aircraft flew for the first time gallantly, dismissing the pessimistic tone of foreign media predicting this aircraft would crash. Gatotkaca became the first aircraft in the subsonic speed class with fly by wire technology or its entire motion was computerized controlled, which could be airborne without problems.

This momentum is predicted to be a milestone in the history of Indonesia's aerospace glory. The N-250 civilian passenger aircraft, which can accommodate 50 to 70 passengers on board, is projected to win market share of propeller-class aircraft.

But unfortunately, this dream fell apart when the monetary crisis hit Indonesia since 1997. This has an impact on aviation industry no longer able to get state financial support. Because to get out of the crisis, Indonesia must put aside this project as part of saving the economy.

Although the dream was dashed to the point of IPTN disbanded, which later changed its name to PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), but the Main Assembly Line hangar in the Husein Sastranegara Airport complex, Bandung, is now still firmly standing, keeping the dream of glory of the national aerospace industry.

When he visited it in October 2019, the paint on the hangar's iron structure had peeled off a lot. Even the glass of the room on the left side of the building looked dull, like it hadn't been used for a long time. The building, although magnificent, only looks like an ordinary old aircraft hangar.

But who would have thought, the hangar became a silent witness that the dream of homeland aerospace glory was treated. Also in October 2019, the Main Assembly Line hangar witnessed PTDI's CN235-220 military aircraft being exported to Nepal.


Export of PTDI-produced military aircraft to Nepal in front of the hangar of the Main Assembly Line News DIY/ MR Firmansyah

PTDI's Production Director, Batara Silaban, said that since 1976 until now, his party has sent 466 aircraft to more than 50 customers, both from within the country and abroad.

In producing the aircraft, there was the role of 3,700 PTDI workers, of which nearly 40 percent were engineers. He assessed that the aerospace human resources owned are reliable state assets in the future.

"These are indeed human resources who will certainly be able to contribute to the aerospace industry," he said in a Special Session at the Indonesia Development Forum 2022, Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Indonesia Aerospace Industry Ecosystem Roadmap 2022-2045

Various types of aircraft have now been successfully produced by PTDI. There are 2 types of aircraft that can be made by the manufacturer from Bandung, namely fixed wing aircraft or fixed-wing aircraft and rotary wing aircraft or aircraft with rotary wings.

The fixed wing aircraft produced by PTDI include N219 Nurtanio, NC212 family, CN235 family, and CN295. The aircraft was built to meet the needs of civil airlines, military operators and special mission needs.

Meanwhile, the rotary wing aircraft that PTDI has successfully made are AS550 helicopters, A565 helicopters, Superpuma Family helicopters and Bell 412EP helicopters. This helicopter product is manufactured under agreement with Airbus Helicopter and Bell Helicopter Textron.

To increase the capacity of the domestic aerospace industry, the Ministry of National Development Planning or Bappenas, together with the Diaspora and Migration Program (PMD) GIZ and ITB published the Indonesian Aerospace Industry Ecosystem Roadmap 2022-2045.

The roadmap is expected to be a reference for aerospace industry stakeholders in supporting the integration of local industries, commercialization of research, design and development, fulfillment of quality standards, growth of new local players and supporting industries, and capacity expansion to participate in global supply chains.

In the 2022-2045 Indonesian aerospace industry ecosystem roadmap, there are 2 pillars set, including the aerospace product pillar, as well as aerospace services and supporting ecosystems. For the aerospace product pillar, it consists of the development of the aircraft industry as well as components and supply chains. Meanwhile, the aerospace services pillar and supporting ecosystem, consisting of maintenance, repair, overhaul and after-sales, as well as aviation and airport services.


Deputy for Economic Affairs Bappenas, Amalia Adininggar Widiyasanti, explained that when the aircraft industry is encouraged to develop, the related industries will be moved. Of course, this will create a positive double effect for the Indonesian economy.

"One of our keys to driving economic growth in the long haul can only be by increasing productivity. Without increased productivity, Indonesia cannot grow high sustainably for the long term," she explained.

Learning from the United States, according to her presentation, the aerospace industry is the industry with the second largest average wage rate after the IT sector. To increase sustainable per capita income, the development of the aerospace industry can be a solution.

"If we want to increase sustainable per capita income, because later this aerospace industry will encourage strategies to increase the productivity of the economic sector through the industrialization process," said Amalia.

This is very important, looking at the Indonesian Aerospace Industry Ecosystem Roadmap 2022-2045 prepared to achieve the vision of a Golden Indonesia in 2045, one of which is realizing a better and more equitable level of welfare of the Indonesian people with higher human quality.

In addition, the roadmap is also believed to be able to release Indonesia from the middle income trap to the upper class. Development aviation industry rated effective for achieving this goal.

"One thing that was said by the Minister (Bappenas, Suharso Monoarfa), that from the stage of industrialization in Indonesia, the rightmost (best) is the human capital intensive industry, where the human capital intensive industry is the industry that can provide the greatest added value among other industries," she said.


Indonesia Development Forum 2022 Dok Bappenas

In the Special Session session at the Indonesia Development Forum 2022, Amalia explained, in carrying out the 2022-2045 Indonesian Aerospace Industry Ecosystem Roadmap, a new financing scheme is needed so that it does not only rely on the State Budget. Learning from the case of the N250 aircraft, where its development stalled because its funding relied on the Government.

"To run the Aerospace Industry Ecosystem Roadmap, we definitely need financing. Because this development is expected not to be entirely dependent on the Government's budget, but how we mobilize new business models so that we can both encourage, develop, and realize Indonesia to become one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the world," said Amalia.

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Relatively similar program by Embraer (but postponed)

Embraer Confirms Postponement Of Turboprop Project​

16,490 views Dec 26, 2022

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has been showing interest in developing a next-generation turboprop aircraft for some time now, and the news has been warmly received in most circles - after all, it's been a very long time since anyone came to market with a clean-sheet turboprop design. Despite the positive reception, Embraer has now confirmed to Simple Flying that it has decided to suspend the program.

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