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Nov 5, 2012
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This is a thread to discuss matters that related to the Military of Republic of Indonesia. Everyone is welcome to post news, articles, and photos to build a better debate and opinion exchanges.

Every question regarding sensitive information of Indonesian military is best to be asked to me or other Indonesian members as they are well aware about which matters able to be revealed and which aren't.

Please discuss and post comments in good manners and good language.

Indonesian National Armed Force or the TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia), consist of Army, Air Force, and Navy.


Formed in October 5th, 1945
Active Personnel (2012): 476.000 members. Mostly serve in the Army.
Military Expenditure (% of GDP): 2012 USD 7.6 - 8 billion (0.78% of GDP), 2013 Approved - USD 8.44 (0.88% OF GDP) - Multi-year procurement (2012 - 2015) for Minimum Essential Force Phase I: USD 16.3 Billion (1.5% of GDP) - Ideal Budget for 2015 - 2020: 4 - 5% of GDP 2012 (USD 40 - 50 Billion).







Some T-50 TNI AU Aircraft will be intended for Aerobatic uses.
January 8, 2013


T-50 aircraft with the color scheme of the Air Force aerobatics team the Blue Eagles (all photos: Chosun)

Chosun site on January 3 2013, includes the latest photos of the T-50 Air Force that has completed assembly. Further aircraft will enter the flight test / flight test before being handed over to the Indonesian government.

Indonesia has signed a contract worth 400 million USD in 2011 for the procurement of an air squadron or 16 T-50 aircraft. Schedule delivery of the aircraft is expected in the year 2013.

Aircraft T-50 Golden Eagle aircraft will replace the Hawk Mk-53 as an advanced jet fighter trainer aircraft . Squadron 15 Iswahjudi, Madison, East Java. When 2013 arrive the Hawk Mk-53 aircraft that was made by the British BAe will be retired. the aircraft have been used for 32 years in the Air Force, the aircraft was imported in 1981.

Air Squadron (Skadud) 15 is a Tactical Fighter squadron, having previously flown Hawk Mk-53 trainer aircraft, it also has the ability to perform ground attack. Previous Hawk Mk-53 was placed in Skadik 103 Wing Pendidik/Wing Education (Wingdik) 1 Lanud Adisucipto, Jogjakarta. Skadik 103 had relocates to Lanud (Airbase) Iswahjudi although the organization through to the air base Adi Sucipto, but in 1999 until now Hawk Mk-53 is stationed in 15 Air Combat Tactical Squadron whom the plane is now being stored inside Lanud Iswahjudi, Madiun.


The surprise of the color display aircraft KAI T-50 made in Korea was designated as the color scheme of an Aerobatic aircraft. Blue-yellow color that is applied to aircraft T-50 is synonymous with the color scheme Aerobatic Team "Blue Eagle" that were popular in the 1990's.

Blue Eagle aerobatics team was formed in 1995, with six F-16 aircraft from Air Squadron 3 madiun to mark mark the 50th anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces. "Blue Eagle" `even appearing at the Singapore Airshow in 1996 before it was dissolved in 2000.

Hawk Mk-53 and even the Air Force Aerobatic Team has participated in "Jupiter Blue" team formed after the "Blue Eagle", the new team operated a a mix of aircraft: three Hawk Mk-53, one Hawk Mk-109, and two F- 16. Unfortunately an accident involving two aircraft Hawk Mk-53 in 2002 caused the Aerobatic Team to be disbanded.

In the plane home country of South Korea, aircraft T-50 Golden Eagle is also used for special aerobatic squadron, based at 239 Wonju Gangwon province which uses T-50 aircraft for aerobatics team "Black Eagle". Teams with aircraft color black-yellow-white began using the T-50 aircraft since August 2009, before the aircraft that was used by the team was the Cessna A-37B Dragonfly. "Black Eagle" with the T-50 aircraft had several appearances abroad, including participating in Waddington International Air Show and the Royal International Air Tattoo 2012.

DEFENSE STUDIES: Sebagian Pesawat T-50 TNI AU Diperuntukkan Sebagai Aerobatic

Indonesia to launch a three-digit rocket in 2013

Fri, December 28 2012 08:37 |

"Next year, we will conduct static and dynamic tests on a three-digit rocket," said Goenawan Wybiesana.


Indonesian test rudal balistik berpandu laser.mp4 - YouTube

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is planning to launch a three-digit rocket, with a range of 100km to 900km, to strengthen its artillery system. Indonesia is planning to launch the rocket next year.

"Next year, we will conduct static and dynamic tests on a three-digit rocket," said Goenawan Wybiesana, who works as an assistant to the deputy minister for research and technology - strategic, scientific and technological research productivity, on Thursday.

In the initial stages, he said, the focus will be on the development of 10 to 20 units of a 350mm-caliber ballistic rocket, with a range of 100 kilometres, which will be followed by the development of bigger calibre rockets and guided rockets.

The ministry of research and technology, which is a part of a rocket consortium, will fund (Rp10 to Rp15 billion) the project in 2013.

Other members of the consortium include PT Pindad, PT Dahana, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Lapan, BPPT, LIPI, ITB, UGM and ITS.

Goenawan said the development of rocket technology is dependent on material technology, control-system technology, explosives and propulsion technology, and mechanical electronic technology.

He said the national rocket programme had begun in 2005, involving various institutions. These institutions had come up with an initial design and a prototype in 2010.

In 2011, he said the rocket consortium had launched a freeze prototype 1 (R Han 122), purchased by the ministry of defence. It was mass-produced, and it was a part of the `1,000 rockets' programme.

"Initially, R Han 122 had a 122 mm calibre and a range of 15 kilometres. In 2011, the range of R Han 122 had been stepped up to 25 kilometres. In 2012, its calibre had been increased to 200mm and its range had been increased to 35 kilometres," he said.

Before the launch of the rocket programme for defence purposes, the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) had mastered rocket technology for the purpose of launching satellites.(*)

Editor: Heru


Antara News : Indonesia to launch a three-digit rocket in 2013

Hillary statement about proposed sale apache to Indonesia (wait until 2:30)

DCSA notification

For US $1,4 billion listed on the DCSA:
8 AH-64D APACHE Block III LONGBOW Attack Helicopters
19 T-700-GE-701D Engines (16 installed and 3 spares),
9 Modernized Target Acquisition and Designation Sight/Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensors,
4 AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radars (FCR) with Radar Electronics Units (Longbow Component),
4 AN/APR-48A Radar Frequency Interferometers,
10 AAR-57(V) 3/5 Common Missile Warning Systems (CMWS) with 5th Sensor and Improved Countermeasure Dispenser,
10 AN/AVR-2B Laser Detecting Sets,
10 AN/APR-39A(V)4 Radar Signal Detecting Sets,
24 Integrated Helmet and Display Sight Systems (IHDSS-21),
32 M299A1 HELLFIRE Missile Launchers, and
140 HELLFIRE AGM-114R3 Missiles.

If i compare to India's deal, it seems Indonesia will get overpriced apache blok 3 :hitwall:
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I heard Indoensia is going to buy a German tank, I think it's called Leopard 2 , in a few years time. Anyone know when?
I heard Indoensia is going to buy a German tank, I think it's called Leopard 2 , in a few years time. Anyone know when?
Yes, 61 Leopard 2RIs, 42 Leopard 2A4s, and 50 marders, and 10 supporting vehicles




Indonesian ministry of defence have signed the deal in 2012, but i don't know when these MBT will arrive.
One of them will be made in here, in Indonesia's government owned shipyard PT.PAL

DMSE 209
Indonesia speeds up military modernization
Updated: 2013-01-09 15:25
( Xinhua)


JAKARTA - Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said on Wednesday that government planned to cut short the period set to develop the country's military.

"We will cut short the military empowerment period from three to two strategic plan (Renstra) periods. We have enough funds to finance the efforts to develop our military... Hopefully it can be settled in 2019 instead of 2024 we set earlier," Purnomo told a press conference in his office here.

The renstra is the Indonesian military's plan in developing its strategic force. Indonesia began massive development of Indonesian military in 2010 by procuring modern armaments, military vehicles and high technology instruments aimed at significantly improving its military might. All of those efforts were expected to be completed within 15 years.

The minister said the cutting short of the military development period would be the country's particular achievement, adding that it was fully endorsed by the government by allocating more funds to finance the efforts.

In the first renstra period ending in 2015, Indonesian government has allocated 150 trillion rupiah ($16.7 billion) to finance military equipment aimed at empowering the might of its air, army and navy forces.

Many kinds of modern armaments that Indonesia ordered from several producers had been delivered into the country. Among others Sukhoi Su 30 fighter jets, KT 1 Wongbee trainer/light attack planes from South Korea, Tucano anti-insurgency planes from Brazil and Leopard main battle tanks from Germany.

For the navy, Indonesia also purchased several new warships and submarines. It set up cooperation with South Korean producers in procuring submarines under transfer of technology scheme.

Indonesia also established a joint cooperation with South Korean producers in designing and producing the so-called 4.5 generation fighter jet codenamed KFX. The joint project with South Korea initiated in 2009, worth $2 billion. The initial prototypes of the plane is expected to roll-out from the production facility in South Korea by 2020.

Approximately 200 KFX fighter jets will be manufactured for both the Indonesian and South Korean Air Forces.

Indonesia is now expecting the delivery of remaining order on Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia and 24 F-16 C/D fighter jets from the US to reinforce its fleet this year. The largest country in Southeast Asia region had also allocated funds to procure AH 64 Apache helicopters for its army.

Indonesia speeds up military modernization |Asia-Pacific |chinadaily.com.cn
8 Of The F-16 Grants Will Come In 2014
January 14, 2013


The first batch of F-16 grant consisting of 8 aircraft will come in 2014 (photo: Luke AFB)

Indonesia will receive 8 F-16 C / D grants that have been regenerated By United States starting in 2014. Thus implied from the Head of the Defense Facilities (Kabaranahan) Kemhan RI Ediwan Maj. Gen. Prabowo, as do interviews with reporters after attending a meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Defence Wednesday 9 January 2013.

It is Explained that 8 aircraft F-16 is currently being upgraded at 309th Maintenance Wing at Hill Airforce Base, the state of Utah, United States. Standard electronics armaments and aircraft will be upgraded from the original block 25 to on par to the block 52 .

According to the plan. Replacement to the aircraft engines will be carried out by Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut.

309th Maintenance Wing is a maintenance depot for the U.S. air force fighter aircraft, in this depot serves in maintaining and repair of the F-22A Raptor, F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10 Thunderbolt, and C-130 Hercules.

According to the plan one squadron (16 aircraft) F-16 grant will be placed in Pekanbaru, while the remaining 8 are placed in Madison with F-16 A / B block 15 which is currently operated by the Air Force.

The addition of one fighter squadron in Pekanbaru is consistent with the strategic plan (Strategic Plan I) the period of 2005-2014. Air Force plans to add a third fighter squadron again on Strategic Plan II (2015-2024) So it brings the total of an Air Force fighter to 11 squadron .

South Korea was reportedly offered to donate 16 fighter aircraft F-5E / F to Indonesia, on the other side, the U.S. also offers grants of 10 additional F-16 C / D block 25, but until now there is no news regarding the admissibility of the offer planes of the two countries.
Indonesia and Britain Reinforce Defense Cooperation
Dessy Sagita | January 16, 2013


British Defence Minister Philip Hammond, center right, is welcomed by his Indonesian counterpart Purnomo Yusgiantoro, center left, on his arrival in Jakarta on January 16, 2013. Reports state that Hammond is visiting Indonesia to reinforce the strong relationship between the two countries. (EPA Photo/Adi Weda) British Defence Minister Philip Hammond, center right, is welcomed by his Indonesian counterpart Purnomo Yusgiantoro, center left, on his arrival in Jakarta on January 16, 2013. Reports state that Hammond is visiting Indonesia to reinforce the strong relationship between the two countries. (EPA Photo/Adi Weda)

Following an April visit to Indonesia by British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Indonesian and British defense ministers held a meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday to discuss boosting bilateral military cooperation.

“We had some discussions about defense training and defense system procurement. Some of our equipment is from the Britain, and we hope to share experience in that field,” Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said in reference to his British counterpart Philip Hammond.

The topic of Indonesian military analysis was also deliberated.

“We don’t conduct research in this country; in the Britain, they have a clear model and regular research personnel, so we can learn from them,” he said.

Additionally, the two countries could confer about soldiers’ welfare, he said, as well as other civil issues such as disaster mitigation programs.

“We will share experiences about the best way to improve our soldiers’ well-being. Although we have a very different system, I am convinced there’s something we can learn,” he added.

Hammond stated that Indonesia and Britain share many similar values and can benefit from each others' experiences. “Our relationship with Indonesia is strong and getting stronger,” he noted.

The British defense minister also said that his visit was directed at following up a memorandum of understanding signed during President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s state visit to London in October last year.

“During that visit, we signed an MoU on defense cooperation, and my visit is aimed at turning that into a reality or a cooperation,” he said.

Hammond added that Indonesia’s role in global affairs is increasing both politically and economically.

Purnomo said the British Defense Ministry has greatly assisted Indonesia, especially in the education sector; Indonesia and Britain formed an education cooperation through Cranfield University and the Indonesia Defense University (Unhan).

“We are welcoming many Indonesian students into our military establishments,” Hammond said.

Hammond arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday and is set to depart on Wednesday. During his visit, Hammond also met with Vice President Boediono and Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa.

Indonesia and Britain Reinforce Defense Cooperation | The Jakarta Globe

UK defence chief bullish on arms sales
By Ben Bland in Jakarta


British Defence Minister Philip Hammond inspects an honor guard in Jakarta, Indonesia

British defence companies like BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce should be able to boost their sales to fast-growing markets like Indonesia without becoming entangled in corruption, according to Philip Hammond, the UK defence secretary.

On a trip to Jakarta to promote the British defence industry and deepen nascent military ties with the world’s third-largest democracy, Mr Hammond told the Financial Times the risks of doing business in Indonesia, where corruption is endemic, were “manageable”.

“From the companies I have talked to, they recognise that there is a challenge but they think that it is manageable, and they can operate here successfully while observing the UK and US legal requirements to address anti-corruption issues,” he said.

Rolls-Royce is the latest major British industrial and defence group to become bogged down in graft allegations.

The Serious Fraud Office had prompted Rolls-Royce to investigate accusations that it had engaged in bribery, and the subsequent investigation by the company found reasons for concern in China, Indonesia and other markets.

Mr Hammond sought to play down the impact of the SFO involvement on defence sales to Indonesia, noting that it was “primarily focused” on Rolls-Royce’s civil engines business in Indonesia, not its defence business.

Under pressure from prosecutors in the US and the UK, British defence companies have been trying to improve their anti-corruption efforts in emerging markets like China and Indonesia, where facilitation payments to government officials are commonplace.

Indonesia is one of the world’s more corrupt countries, according to Transparency International, a campaign group, which placed it 118th out of 176 countries, alongside Egypt and Madagascar, in its ranking of global governance.

Some executives in Indonesia have argued that the UK’s stringent bribery law of 2010, which expressly prohibits such payments, makes it very hard to win deals.

Nonetheless, Mr Hammond said he was hopeful that defence sales could form a key part of last year’s pledge by David Cameron, the British prime minister, and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesia’s president, to double bilateral trade by 2015.

But that sales growth would not come without adjustments to military contractors’ business models, he said. As Indonesia and other emerging nations seek to deepen their manufacturing base, Mr Hammond said that military contractors would have to incorporate more local production and the transfer of technology.

“The days of bashing metal in the northwest of England, crating it up and shipping it off are over,” he said. “What people want to buy is the technology transfer and partnership but with local production, leveraging lower local production costs and also building an indigenous capability.”

Like the US, Japan and other developed nations with anaemic domestic economies, Britain is keen to win business in fast-growing markets like Indonesia.

Following the Obama administration’s “pivot” to Asia, Mr Hammond said the UK was “looking east in a way we have not done before”.

As its economy continues to grow rapidly, and it becomes a more prominent player on the global political stage, Indonesia is keen to accelerate the modernisation of its military.

It has bought F16 fighters and Apache helicopters from the US, Sukhoi 27 and Sukhoi 30 fighters from Russia and missile systems from China, underlining a multilateral defence and foreign policy that eschews alliances.

Britain has sold Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles, Hawk jets and small arms to Indonesia. Now, British companies are keen to win contracts to upgrade Indonesia’s ageing Fatahillah-class frigates and other ships.

UK defence chief bullish on arms sales - FT.com

Azerbaijan, Indonesia discuss defense industry cooperation prospects
16 January 2013, 17:00 (GMT+04:00)


A meeting with a delegation led by Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Defence Air Marshal Eris Herryanto was held at the Defense Industry Ministry of Azerbaijan, the Ministry said on Wednesday.

The parties discussed the prospects of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Indonesia in the defense industry.

The head of the Indonesian delegation expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome.
The meeting was attended by Indonesian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Raden Prayono Atiyanto
During the visit, the delegation visited a Ministry computer factory to learn about products manufactured in the Defense Industry Ministry's enterprises.

UK, Indonesia to strengthen defense ties
Novan Iman Santosa, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | World | Thu, January 17 2013, 2:14 PM


Reinforced relationship: Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro welcomes UK counterpart Philip Hammond (right) ahead of their meeting at the Defense Ministry in Jakarta on Wednesday. During his two-day visit, Hammond will also meet with several government officials and representatives of the Indonesian Armed Forces. (JP/Wendra Ajistyatama)Reinforced relationship: Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro welcomes UK counterpart Philip Hammond (right) ahead of their meeting at the Defense Ministry in Jakarta on Wednesday. During his two-day visit, Hammond will also meet with several government officials and representatives of the Indonesian Armed Forces. (JP/Wendra Ajistyatama)

The UK and Indonesia agreed on Wednesday to strengthen defense cooperation in various fields from training and education to weapons procurement and civil-military cooperation (CIMIC).

The various fields of cooperation were agreed upon during a bilateral meeting between the UK Defense Secretary Philip Hammond and his Indonesian counterpart Purnomo Yusgiantoro.

Purnomo said the meeting was a follow up to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was signed during President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s visit to London in 2012.

“Earlier in 2006, we signed up to a partnership forum during [former] prime minister Tony Blair’s visit to Jakarta. The forum included enhancing defense cooperation,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hammond said that Wednesday’s meeting was “about building on that MoU and turning it into reality or practical cooperation”.

“For us, defense collaboration with Indonesia is a very logical, strategic step,” he added.

According to Purnomo, the cooperation will include training and human resources development, such as cooperation between the Indonesian Defense University (IDU) and Cranfield University as well as between the National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) and its British counterpart.

“In procurement, we have a number of British-made weapon systems and we need their support, including shared experiences in procurement and life cycle systems, as well as weapons maintenance,” he said.

Both countries also agreed to share experiences in armed forces management, especially regarding reserve force and welfare systems.

“The UK has a reserve model while we don’t. The British delegation shared its experiences, such as in Afghanistan, that in addition to deploying regular soldiers, they also deploy a reserve force,” Purnomo said.

Hammond said the UK was a trading country and that most trading was done via sea routes, making it imperative to secure these trading routes.

Another field of cooperation is in maritime security, as both countries are greatly concerned with securing major trading routes and sea lines of communication (SLOC).

“We also shared experiences on CIMIC, such as in disaster relief,” Purnomo said.

When asked about the procurement of British-made weapon systems, Purnomo referred the question to the Defense Facilities Agency head Maj. Gen. Ediwan Prabowo.

Ediwan said that the ministry had signed contracts to procure Starstreak short range air defense missile as well as spare parts for Hawk 109/209 trainer and ground attack aircraft and for Scorpion light tanks.

Indonesian military attache in London, Col. Jonni Mahroza, told The Jakarta Post that the Starstreak contract covered one missile battery that consisted of nine launchers. Ideally, an air defense battalion has three missile batteries.

After the meeting, Hammond delivered a general lecture for IDU students followed by a question and answer session.

Answering a question, Hammond said that British defense industries were ready to cooperate with Indonesian firms on initiatives such as the Indonesian-Korea KFX jet fighter program.

UK, Indonesia to strengthen defense ties | The Jakarta Post

British, Indonesian Defense Ministers Seek to Boost Ties
Jakarta Globe | January 15, 2013

British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond will meet with his Indonesian counterpart Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Jakarta on Wednesday during a two-day visit to Indonesia intended to boost the countries’ defense ties.

The British Embassy in Jakarta said the visit will reinforce the strong relationship between the two countries.

Hammond, who will arrive today, will meet Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa after meeting with Purnomo.

The embassy said that Hammond’s meeting with Purnomo will build on the recently signed defense memorandum of understanding between Britain and Indonesia.

He will also meet with several other government officials and representatives of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI).

“The visit clearly demonstrates UK commitment to strengthen defense links with Indonesia. The success of the recent state visit made by President Yudhoyono to the UK and Prime Minister David Cameron to Indonesia in April last year has cemented cooperation between the UK and Indonesia in various sectors including defense cooperation,” British Ambassador to Indonesia Mark Canning said.

He said that as the largest democracy in the region and a nation that is playing a constructive and important role in regional security, Indonesia remains an important partner for Britain.

“This visit is further evidence of our relationship with Indonesia going from strength to strength,” Canning added.

During their November meeting in London, Yudhoyono and Cameron signed a string of agreements on trade, defense and education.

Downing Street said at the time that Cameron and Yudhoyono had sealed a defense deal that would boost cooperation in research and development, investment and production.

Yudhoyono told a seminar at London’s Royal College for Defense Studies that Indonesia would continue to modernize its defense capability to protect its sovereignty and territory.

The president said he was happy that Britain had played an active role in modernizing Indonesia’s defense system.

Cameron and Yudhoyono also announced a 7.5 billion pound ($12.1 billion) deal for BP to develop liquid natural gas in Indonesia, and signed an agreement strengthening links between the two countries’ universities.

Hammond, a member of Cameron’s Conservative Party, assumed his current role in October 2011.

RI to Purchase Three Frigates from Britain
17 Jan 2013 10:15:55| News in English | Penulis : Supervisor


Jakarta - The Indonesian government, through the ministry of defense will purchase three multi-role light frigates from Britain, Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said.

"The purchase of the armament system from Britain will include the transfer of technology (TOT) so that Indonesia would be able to develop the same system," Purnomo said after receiving British Defense Minister Philip Hammond here on Wednesday.

The Indonesian defense minister has yet to decide when the purchase will be realized because it is still in the planning stage.

He said that Indonesia would send a team first to look at the sea ship's specification.

Purnomo said that the courtesy call made by Minister Philip Hammond at his office was part of the efforts to strengthen relations of both nations which had been well established since a long time ago.

The visit was to follow up the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Indonesia and Britain in London on November 1, 2012.

In the meantime, Deputy Defense Minister Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin said the meeting between the two defense ministers was held to strengthen the two nations' cooperation in the defense sector, which covered among others the purchase of armament system and military exercises.

He said that in 2013 a total of Rp81 trillion of budget was allocated for the Indonesian defense ministry. (*)

RI to Purchase Three Frigates from Britain | ANTARA JATIM : Portal Berita Daerah Jawa Timur
This great comrade man Indonesia has come so far from the time they were asking help from us! Man now Indonesia is showing great promise and i visited the country and its a great country the traffic was killer though but going back are you guys planning to a hub for Korean Weapons in ASEAN? looks that way to me.?
This great comrade man Indonesia has come so far from the time they were asking help from us! Man now Indonesia is showing great promise and i visited the country and its a great country the traffic was killer though but going back are you guys planning to a hub for Korean Weapons in ASEAN? looks that way to me.?

Haha it sure is, Jakarta has the shittiest traffic between Indonesian cities as the result of relatively cheap oil prices and low vehicle credits, even people from lower class may have cars. No, Indonesia is not planning to be a hub for Korean weaponry, but Korean strategic industries will open their branch in Jakarta and Surabaya.

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